Sunday, June 19, 2016

Patriotic Porch & Jars

I'm a bit behind on decorating for the 4th of July but I finally had time to put up a few things inside and out.  These are the great, vintage folding chairs I got in Door County a few weeks ago. I'll probably do more with the milk can but for now, it just got a paint job.
 I've had this since we were first married.  I think I got it at a country yard sale  when we lived in Ohio.  Gotta love my goose paint job -- screams '80's, right!?  We've dragged this thing from place to place and I almost threw it out dozens of times so I'm glad I kept it.  I just gave it a few coats of steel gray spray paint for now.
 Has anyone tried this paint sold at Target? This was my first time using it and let me tell you -- I was SUPER impressed.  It was 5.99 for a can but I LOVED how this paint went on.  I literally did not have to wait between coats; it went on extremely smooth and did not drip AT ALL.  It has a neat nozzle that locks when you're not using it and they have quite a few nice colors.  They also have quarts and pints of chalk paint that is only 16.99 for the quarts (can't remember cost of the pints).  I think I may have to give it a try considering how great the spray was.  Anyway, back to my porch . . . 
 These pillow have a cute, summery print but I wanted to cover them for the 4th.  I had a tablecloth that has too many stains on it to use so I cut that up.  I didn't even seal up the bottom opening because the white fabric (just cut and not even hemmed!) is tied around and pretty much holds it closed.  For the blue, I had some royal blue tulle that I used to make the puffy bow.
 I had this piece of fabric so just draped it over the milk can and added a birdhouse I had. I wasn't satisfied and wanted more so I decided to gather up some of the jars I've collected and decorate them for the ledge.
I printed out different sized stars, cut them out and using Elmer's spray adhesive, pressed them onto the jars and spray painted them.
This adhesive is permanent (I know you can get ones that are not but this is what I had and it worked fine.) so as soon as I sprayed the jars, I waited just a minute or so and then peeled off the paper star.
Some of the jars had the residue from the adhesive on them.
And some had areas where the paint had leaked inside the star decal.  This was an easy fix.  I used a little bit of mineral spirits and a tiny, flat brush to remove this.

I didn't try to fully cover the jars in paint -- just gave them a light spray.  Once the stars were "cleaned up", I added some ribbon bands at the top and battery-operated tea lights.

 I had purchased this cute banner from the Dollar Spot at Target a few weeks ago.  It works perfectly in my grapevine.
 Jars, paint, ribbon and some battery-operated tea lights -- just a few things to make a nice, little "Patriotic" welcome!

On any given week (depending on how busy I am!) I love to participate in Linky Parties.  These gals put a lot of time and effort into hosting these parties so I always want to show my appreciation by directing my readers to these blogs. 







  1. So glad you held on to that milk can...everything looks great and I love the way you used items you already had :)

  2. Oh Lauren, your porch looks simply delightful and oh-so-festive for the 4th of July. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

    Hugs to you!

  3. I love what you did with the little jars! Aren't you happy you didn't give away the milk can?
    Everything looks so festive.

  4. Lauren,
    LOVE your Patriotic Porch!! So pretty and I adore the jar idea!! So genius! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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