Friday, January 4, 2013

Crazy for Valentine's Day

 I'm sure the neighbors are just shaking their heads as they look across the street and see that that crazy lady has her house decorated for Valentine's Day while they still have their Christmas trees up.  Oh well -- I just couldn't stand the bare, sparse looking house after taking down the Christmas decorations and just plowed right into the next holiday . . . even if it's still only the first week of January.

 I always have fun dressing my odd, little "nook" in the wall and Valentine's Day is no exception.

 I do love filling drawers with decorations too.  It's a great way to add fun and interest without cluttering tabletops or other spaces that you need to use on a daily basis.
 I keep this and other frames out year 'round and just change out the pictures with ones I've printed and decorated.  I just store each holiday right in the frame, moving the current one up to the front.  
Ava doesn't think I'm crazy.
Have you started decorating for Valentine's Day or is your tree still up?  I'll have more on my favorite holiday in the coming weeks!
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  1. I'm still sorting and packing away Christmas. I have it down to maybe 2 more boxes to pack. But some areas do look so bare. I love the decorations you have and still need to find me a drawer! heehee! Happy weekend! Have fun!

  2. Your Valentine's vignettes look so pretty Lauren! I am going to wait just a little long before I do any decorating for V day! Happy New Year! Angie xo

  3. Girl .. I love it all.... I do have christmas up.. (CHRISTMAS night was up ) and I am starting to kick around some ideas for valentines... I loved all your beauties............ YOUR always so inspiring : ) Blessing knowing you and blogging with you

  4. I too still have my Christmas up, hopefully it will all come down this next week. Valentine's day has always been one of my favorites. It could be that my birthday is a week later or because I am a romantic at heart, but I love it. Love your vinettes.

  5. Fantastic post! Dreamy, romantic, and inspiring.

  6. I hopped over here to see what you've been up to and I love your whimsical, romantic displays. What a clever idea with the drawers. Ava is a beautiful pooch!


  7. Sweet little decorations, love the little cherubs, which I've now started collecting. And the scales, nice touch!


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