Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Copycat One: Fern Bottles

I'm going to be a copycat this week.  I have so many projects on my Pinterest boards waiting to be copied (remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!).  I'm starting out with this simple and beautiful idea from Sherry at The Charm of Home -- Windowsill Ferns.
Here is my version
These are all jars and bottles I've collected from thrift stores as well as a few vintage ink wells.

Earlier in the day I used these as centerpieces when we had friends over for dinner.  Then I lined them up in my bay window.
 The tiny one on the left came from my daughter.  While digging up the garden in the college house they were living at, they found all kinds of tiny bottles and pottery. It's so pretty and textured on just three sides.
Thanks for a great idea Sherry!


  1. I love it Lauren! I, too, have so many project on pinterest that I want to try! Your little bottles are so adorable! Angie xo

  2. Your ferns look very sweet in your bottles. I ALSO try projects I've pinned on Pinterest but I think I spend MORE time just pinning! I found you here via Lavender Dreams and now am following you!
    sandy ;)

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Your ferns look great! I love that you used them as a centerpiece too. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Beautiful! One of my favourite things about blogging and pinterest-ing is that everyone is sharing ideas, copycatting each other, and creating beautiful things. I'm glad to have found your creative little corner of the web... will be following you for sure!


  5. Love it. I also pin way too much so I am going to start trying to do at least one pin a week and blog about it. Now to do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Your bottles are a great copycat! I love the tiny fern in each one! This is such a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing your collection of bottles- so pretty!

  7. I saw that post and loved it...yours is beautiful too!!!....Have a great day!!


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