Friday, May 18, 2012

Cork Plant Markers

I've wanted to make plant markers for awhile and when I saw Virginia's idea over at Artsy VaVa -- I knew this was something I wanted to try.  Check out her blog -- she is simply overflowing with fantastic ideas and tutorials!  I had to improvise because I don't have a word burning tool (which is what Virginia used) to write the words on the corks.  I used a black, permanent marker and then sealed it with clear, acrylic spray paint.
I got some small 'cocktail' forks at the thrift store to use for the herbs and I'll be using larger ones for my vegetable garden.  Using wire, I added some shell beads and a pearl and then covered that with twine.  Virginia also tells us to pound the tines flat, which I did as well.

Stick a fork in it . . . I'm done.  For now.



  1. So cute Lauren. I really like the special added touch of the shells and bead. Great job!!

  2. Those are adorable Lauren!!
    How weird is this, today I took a cork and put wire coming out of one end to make a message holder! We must both have cork (or wine? champagne?) on our minds!! LOL

  3. Dearest Miyako san,
    I am thinking about your name of Vegetable garden is very happy at shows off in Japan.
    Ganbate kudasai Miyako san,

  4. Your plant markers are great!!! Thanks for sharing your version!

  5. Love those markers!...How beautifully creative!!

  6. Wow, I don't know how people come up with these creative ideas! I just painted vegetable names on rocks, which seems really crude after seeing these! Very cute!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  7. Hi Lauren,

    Your plant markers look fantastic!


  8. ha, ha, I guess you couldn't resist the fork reference. Love the look of these cork on a fork labels.

  9. What an adorable idea! Connie :)

  10. What a cute idea, I am heading over to check out that blog!


  11. What a great idea! I'm going to have to try this in my garden! I just wanted to let you know what a great blog you have! If you would like to check out my blog as well, and follow back, that would be SO appreciated, but otherwise, keep blogging and I'll keep reading!


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