Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar & Memo Board

I sure can't claim this as my idea but here's my interpretation of the adorable calendar that many of you may have seen over at Sewfantastic.  Isn't hers cute?!  I love the felt flowers she used to embellish the frame!
I took an old frame from the thrift store and painted it with homemade chalk paint, distressed and waxed it.  Using spray adhesive, I attached a piece of fabric to the back of the picture that was in the frame, then attached the paint chips using my Scotch ATG tape gun.
 I wanted a way to display the month so I took a jar lid, sprayed it orange and attached it using E6000 glue to the frame.  
 The months were printed out on cardstock and cut using my circle cutter.  I added a stamped flourish that mimics the print of the fabric.  I glued pieces of scrap magnet to the backs of the month pieces so they'll stick onto the lid.
 No real cute or clever way to keep the month pieces nearby so for now, they're in a bag and hanging next to the calendar.  To make this magnetic to put on my refrigerator (I have NO wall space to hang it!), I used super, heavy-duty magnets that I buy on Ebay.  
They are about the size of a dime and only about 1/16" thick but VERY strong.  I don't think standard magnets would work -- I used 6 on the back of the frame to hold this and attached them with E6000 glue.
 With left over fabric and another frame painted and distressed, I created a little memo board that hangs by the back door.  Everyone in the family knows when they run out of something or use something up, they write it on the board. (I used to just have a stick on dry erase board here but I like this better!)
 This is just a piece of chipboard covered with paper and aged on the edges with the paper punched flower piece added so we "Don't Forget"!


  1. These are both super cute! Love the corner detail!

  2. This is a cute project. I love your personal touches!

  3. Verrrry cute! I also like the pennant banners!

  4. Great idea and beautifully executed by you, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, that was just loaded with ideas! And cute personal touches. I bet the paint chip people just hate all of our DIY projects LOL!


  6. your memo board is sooooo much nicer than my memo board!

  7. This is such a great idea! Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. Great job ,it looks great.

  9. I love this idea its so colorful and useful!

  10. What a sweet project...the use of the paint chips is brilliant! Love the colours Lauren! Angie xo


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