Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Condiment Server . . . FINALLY!

Patience paid off.  I've been looking for a vintage condiment server with THREE sections for over a year now.  I'd seen some on Etsy and Ebay but they were more than I wanted to spend.  I found this lovely piece at an antique store last weekend in Fulton, Ilinois.  When I saw the price tag, I did a TRIPLE take . . . $3.95!  You can read HERE about more of my finds on that trip!
 The glass bowl sits in this lovely silver holder.  And it's perfect for just the right amount of jam, lemon curd and Devonshire cream.  I have a friend who makes the most wonderful rhubarb/berry jam! I make my own lemon curd and "mock" Devonshire cream -- so yummy with scones!  Today we're going to enjoy Triple Orange Scones, Lavender Tea Bread, Fruit and homemade chocolates.
 I just LOVE the detail on the handle.
The table is set for tea with a few of my friends this afternoon and my condiment server makes me smile.


  1. What a great find! You really do find some great pieces for great prices. Enjoy your treats!

  2. How fabulous and what a great deal! I would probably put it on my dresser and put jewelry in it! lol How fun to find something you've wanted for a long time! Your goodies sure sound good!

  3. What a beautiful piece, Lauren. Patience really did pay off!

  4. How funny. Looking all that time and then finding one for next to nothing. It's a lovely piece.

  5. I love that piece!!....It is great for so many purposes!....

  6. Hi Lauren,

    That is one fantastic find. Great price too!


  7. Great find! YOu're right, the detail is just lovely. Great price too!


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