Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take A "Sneakpeeq"! Give Away

Have you heard of sneakpeeq?  It is the largest and fastest growing social shopping company on Facebook. Their tagline says it all…..”All the things you love, but haven’t discovered”.   My Wonderfully Made and sneakpeeq have teamed up to offer you an awesome giveaway!

When it comes to this giveaway, everybody wins! First, sneakpeeq is offering 20% off your first purchase just for signing up.  Second, you’ll be entered into the giveaway with a chance to win a $20 gift card to use on your favorite food, style and home products—that goes a long way in sneakpeeq’s amazingly low-priced boutiques!

I won a give away myself and was able to purchase these luscious lotion bars and this set of teas.  My cost . . . ZERO!  Yep, you can earn free shipping like I did too!
Come see all the things you love but haven’t discovered.  Sneakpeeq only has New Products that you have never seen before!

Enter the giveaway by clicking on this link and joining Sneakpeeq:  SNEAKPEEQ  That's it -- that's all you have to do to enter! (Note: Only NEW Sneakpeeq users are eligible.)
Winner will be announced on my blog on May 6, 2012. 


  1. so, i signed up, not sure how it all works quite yet! would love any tips or pointers :)

  2. thanks for thinking my blog is great, i'd like to do more motivational and religious encouragements for others! seems like those are the ones that people are really needing right now in these times of need ;) i'm excited to start this peeq'ing thing! thanks for the insight on it!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I clicked on the link and entered!

  4. I wanted to sign up but I don't do the sites that want total access to my FB account and be able to "post on my behalf".

  5. Thanks for spreading the word. I'm going to have to get over and check it all out.

  6. Thanks Lauren. I signed up. Sounds like a whole lot of fun peeking going on.


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