Friday, March 2, 2012

Make Your Own Background Paper

My boss had these old cartoons and he wanted to put them in a frame as a gift for a friend.  I just mounted them on black card stock and purchased the Beatles images on Etsy, mounting them on black as well. But when I put the pieces on plain, white card stock it seemed to be 'lacking'.  Solution: create my own background paper.
 Music lyrics always make a great background for projects.  Using a Word document, I copied and pasted the lyrics (in this case, "A Hard Day's Night") into the document.  I maximized the margins and ignored the 'warning' that the print was outside of the margins.  
 I went online to and did a search for a "Beatles" font . . . and they had several!  After installing the new font I changed the print to that and set the type to fill the line (not sure what the technical term is but it's not 'centered', 'left' or 'right' but 'full').
And this is what I got (although it was not blurry like this picture!). Here's the finished product:
By making your own background paper, you are never limited in what you can create!


  1. It looks great. He will be impressed!

  2. I am sure he would be very pleased with the beautiful job that you did..very creative!

  3. This turned out great! I'll bet your boss loved it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial on background paper. I'm sure I'll use that idea--it's fantastic. I think the term for the "full" text is called "justified." For future reference, if you ever need it.


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