Sunday, December 4, 2011

C&B Thrift Make Over 2 and a Winner

This Crate & Barrel piece has had three lives SO far . . . 
  Life One: $5.00 (at 50% off day) at the thrift store . . .
 Life Two:  For my fall table centerpiece . . .
Life Three: Dressed for Christmas!
 This is what I'm starting to steer toward, items that can be re-used from season to season and holiday to holiday.  Another trick:  Replacing just the images in picture frames with holiday-themed artwork.  No need then to pack, unpack, store, etc. as many things from season to season!

And now announcing the winner of my Shabby Apple Give Away: Congratulations to Ann from Moonbeams & Fireflies -- her name was chosen using Randomiser .  Stop by her blog to congratulate her and browse (she was the inspiration for my Christmas Drawer(s)!)

Thanks to all who participated -- I hope to be doing another give away soon!


  1. Love your idea. It looks very nice.

  2. Such a perfect piece to be changing out with the seasons. What a bargain too! Congratulations to Ann...lucky girl!

  3. I LOVE all of your looks with one piece! Totally awesome!!
    I am still trying to think of what to put in these 2 drawers I have available, I love that idea too much!
    Congratulations to your winner! And thank you for putting up my button! You are a rock star!

  4. This looks beautiful. I love a piece I can keep changing and updating. Nice job. I am visiting from The DIY Showoff

  5. Goodness ..You are having fun with Christmas bobbles this year... What a lovely idea to recycle and ring in the old and new... Bravo !!!!... Thanks for your kind visit to my blog ...Please do come again for alittle Christmas cheer....Hugs

  6. Isn't it amazing what a trip to the thrift store can do! Love the different looks.

  7. Hi Lauren,
    Great ideas about recycling items for different holidays! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your compliment on my painting.


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