Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have You Seen These People?

Have I seen these people? Yes.  Everyday.  Although they certainly don't look like THAT anymore!

27 years ago today I married the love of my life. 

After going to get my hair done, I came back home and got dressed upstairs in the attic bedroom (because it was the only room in the house with A.C.!) and I remember thinking, “This is the last time I’ll be here as a single woman”.  While most of that day is a blur (except for the fact that it was 90 plus degrees and there was no air conditioning in my parents’ car – yes, no limos back then, we just drove to the church in a regular, old car) I remember telling myself to TRY to focus and TRY to remember what was going on!  

The wedding took place at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio where Matt and I met while attending the college ministry there.  I was so excited for Matt to see me walk down the aisle.  I couldn’t wait to become his wife and begin our new life as a married couple!  We all put on the ‘finishing touches’ in the “bridal room” at the church (probably just an usher’s room or something!) and the girl I paid to come and apply all of our make-up, never showed so my cousin who was a very classy gal grabbed all of her make-up and set to work on us!  Between all of us and our ‘make-up’ kits, we all ended up looking pretty decent!  Pictures were snapped and off we went to the sanctuary. 

I remember telling my dad I think I’m going to faint – he just squeezed my arm really tight, gave me a kiss and said, “Relax – it’s going to be fine – now here we go!”  I remember looking at Matt and saying the vows and thinking -- this is IT!  I have found the one I want to be with for the rest of my life (yes, I REALLY do remember thinking that!)  The next thing I remember is kissing him and turning around to face our friends and family and hearing, "It is my privilege and joy to introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Matt Zaubi" and heading down the aisle accompanied by applause!

After a buffet reception in the church fellowship hall we set off for the night to the Quaker Oats Hotel downtown and then drove the next morning  to Vermont for our honeymoon in my parents’ car (yep, the one with no A.C.)  -- hey, times were simpler back then and honestly – we had a blast!  

Now don’t most of us look back at our wedding photos and have that “What was I thinking!!??” moment?  That’s what I do when I look at that hat with the ‘bee-keeper’ veil!  The gown still hangs in my closet (I’m quite sure neither of my daughters will want to wear it!!) and I’m thinking it’s going to make some sweet keepsakes for my daughters or maybe grandkids (gulp!) someday ‘cause I’m pretty sure it will never make another trip down the aisle of a wedding!  

You truly have NO idea what marriage is about until you've lived it with all of its 'ups and downs'.  If you're married you know that those 'warm, fuzzy gosh-I-can't-live-without-you' feelings are NOT always there.  Love IS a choice, a decision, a commitment and without the Lord at the center -- I can't imagine how you do it!  He is the "Glue" (I'm pretty sure that name is not in Scripture anywhere) and I'm grateful that he chose Matt for me!!  And with that, I leave you with a few ‘vintage’ pictures from a warm, June day in 1984 in Akron, Ohio where our journey began. . .

And finally, while we're certainly not as old as this couple . . . I want to be like them when I grow up . . . still loving my husband and life and ENJOYING each other!


  1. What a beautiful post!

    Congratulations to you and the Mister on 27 years, and wishing you many more.

    Also, that video makes me grin every time I see it. Something for us all to aspire to! :-)

  2. Lauren: Thanks for sharing your memories. We just celebrated our second daughter, Emily's, wedding this past Saturday. Such a bittersweet time. Gary and I will celebrate 30 years this August. I was just a baby at the time, of course! So glad that technology allows us the chance to keep in touch this way. May God bless you and Matt with many more years.


  3. Congratulations Lauren, we will be celebrating 27 years in Nov. I can honestly say I would marry him all over again!
    have a blessed day,

  4. Congratulations Lauren, I too am celebrating 27 years today.

  5. Congratulations Martha! 27 year also -- wow! Hope it's a wonderful day for you both!

  6. I enlarged the photos to see the is lovely! What a happy couple you were...anda re still! Lovely smiles and happy memories! Life is good! ♥ Happy Anniversary! ♥

  7. This posting really touched my heart and I am so happy that you shared it! Next year will also be our 27th. God Bless you both. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Last comment from Tracy - you friend who apparently does not know how to post her name correctly. :o)

  9. Sweet story. Congrats! You are so right, it takes the Lord at the center to make a marriage work, really anything, but certainly marriage.

  10. What a wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    What can we do about our wardrobe choices. Laugh our heads off, of course, but it is with pride that we do it! We looked AWESOME the day we got married! I'm yet to hear anyone say they wore their mothers dress! (now like 20 peope will say it during this party!) BUT, we wore it with pride!!
    And your hat isn't as bad as my headband!!! lol!

  11. Soooo true about not knowing until you've lived it ... but oh, so worth it to live it together! Congratulations on 27 years!

  12. happy Happy Anniversary! I loved that you tube video, I saw it some time ago...sure does make you smile.

  13. Congratulations!!! This is such a beautiful post and you are such a beautiful couple--Oh, I love your wedding pictures!!! They are breathtaking.

  14. I just read where you got the title from your blog...that is so special!!!

  15. How beautiful. You were a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing your story. Karie

  16. Happy Anniversary! A beautiful wedding story :)

  17. Sweet wedding story! Congrats on 27 wonderful years!

  18. What a beautiful young couple embarking on a lifetime together! Happy Anniversary and congraulations!

  19. Congratulations! Also, I love that video. I could see my parents doing that ~ except neither one knows how to play the piano. They've been married almost 63 years.

  20. Lauren, your wedding pictures are so sweet. Love your write. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY blessings & another 50 more.
    TTFN ~

  21. Happy Anniversary! You were such a beautiful bride and the dress is gorgeous.

  22. such a special post! What did you go to college for?
    Thanks for such a special walk down memory lane and a tribute to a godly marriage!

  23. 27 years! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are 11 years... Here is wishing you many more!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  24. Lauren, congratulations on 27 years of wedded bliss! We are celebrating 37 yrs. next week! You were/are such a beautiful lady and the two of you were such a handsome couple! Both just gorgeous!!Your gown was sooo very pretty, love the lace and detailing. I think that it is wonderful that you remember certain parts of your day so vividly. Most of my day was truly a blur. Afterwards, I remember hubby and I both saying how sore our facial muscles were from smiling soooo long at the reception! Wish I could remember more! I love your thoughts about marriage and that it is truly only possible with God's love and guidance. May you and your husband be blessed with many more sweet years together!

    Thanks sooo much for joining the Wedding Blog Party and sharing your loving thoughts and wonderful photos with us!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  25. Lauren, congratulations! We've been married 35 years so I know how special that love is between the two of you! Your post made me cry! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  26. Had to laugh at the part of riding to church in a regular old car!!!! Me too!
    You were such a lovely bride. So many pretty photos and sweet memories!

  27. Hi, I'm visiting from the wedding party.

    We have been married a similar length of husband and I celebrated our "silver" anniversary in February.

    I just attended my niece's wedding (2 weeks ago), and that is my post for the party. Her parents and I were you said in your post, when you say those vows "for richer for poorer, in good times and in bad," you really don't think those days will ever come. You think it will always be like it is on your wedding day. But the true test comes when those days come (and they always do come!). I am thankful for the legacy of commitment in my and my husband's family. His parents just celebrated their 58th, my parents their 52nd. And both sets of my grandparents made it 50+ years before one of them passed away.

    Blessings to you,

  28. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing!


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