Monday, April 12, 2021

DIY Pressing Ham


I'm still here . . . I'm just a delinquent blogger who has been very busy with life and LOTS of sewing for a precious, new grandson!  I'm also in the process of evaluating my sewing/craft room and re-organizing.  In my efforts to organize, I've realized there are some basic sewing tools that I've lost, worn out or just plain never used that I now need to add to my arsenal and one of those things is pressing hams. These can be a bit pricey so I've decided to start making my own.  After a little research, I discovered that the long, narrow ham (for pressing small things like, oh, well, baby sleeves among other things) can be made quite easily.

This gal's video on YouTube was super helpful and most of what I did was taken right from her instructions with a few modifications of my own.

Following her instructions I found this heavy cardboard roll.  This actually came from a roll of vintage interfacing, back in the day when these tubes were . . .

THIS THICK!  I thought about cutting it to a shorter length but I would have had to take out my circular saw and I was lazy so I kept it long.

I had some fusible batting so I cut that to fit my measured piece of fabric (flannel) and fused it to the flannel.  Then I hemmed each side with my sewing machine to make nice, straight edges.

Before stitching the edges though, be sure that they will MEET in the center and not OVERLAP.  You want a nice, flat seam with no extra thickness here.  I chose to use a heavy, button thread and I recommend using that instead of regular thread.  The reason for this is that you are pulling quite tightly with these stitches and I think if you're using regular thread, it's going to break easier.

After hand stitching (follow her directions on this), you should have a nice, enclosed tube. It's a bit tedious sewing it this way but really makes it look nice and clean.

Finally, take the circles you cut out and start stitching them on the ends.  

I'll be making more of these in various sizes for various purposes.  And here's a little peek at what's been keeping me so busy . . .

I'd love to share pictures of the cute little baby who's wearing these but his mom and dad have decided to not put his images on the internet and I have to agree with them on their decision so suffice it to say, he's ADORABLE and we are thoroughly enjoying being grandparents!


  1. Your clothes are so cute. I have no sewing knowledge or skill (to me, a ham is something we have for Easter!) But well done on your creativity!

  2. Oh, look at all these sweet little baby clothes you made. They are darling. I've never seen a pressing ham before. I love the material you chose, and black and white plaid is always a favorite. I hope the new year is being good to you, Lauren. And so good to see your visit again.


    *that is wonderful that Pink reminds you of your Mom. I don't have too many Pink things in my house, but I love the color. It's just a color that makes one happy. That pink drive-inn is the prettiest shade of Pink.

  3. Hello my delinquent blogging friend. :) I am so very happy for you as you enjoy being a grandmother and making such splendid outfits for him! I do love the ham you made. A good tool to have in your sewing room for sure! Praying you have a wonderful day!

  4. I'm so happy for you! Congrats to the family with a new little bundle of joy. You've made some beautiful outfits! I know you're having fun! Hugs!

  5. Hi Lauren! You’ve sewn so many “wonderfully made” outfits for your grandson! You’re so talented, and I’m sure the little fella looks adorable in them.


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