Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Downloadable Sewing Patterns, Part 2

 On a recent post I talked about my discovery of pdf or downloadable sewing patterns.  You can read about several companies and their patterns in that post.  I've continued to look at other pdf patterns and came across Puperita sewing patterns on Etsy.  Annalisa Puperita has created not only a lot of really cute patterns but in my opinion, they are the closest thing to a paper/printed pattern that I've seen.

I was looking for a boy's romper pattern that was not fully lines and found this one, Starry Baby Harem Romper.  For my outfit I chose to just keep it plain since the print was enough on this.  But I love that just the top/bodice is lined.

I'm finding lots of cute "boy" prints and fabrics online.  We can't shop 'in store' now anyway but even pre-pandemic I was not finding a lot of cute prints so I've loved shopping at places like and  This pirate knit was from

Here are the things I particularly like about Puperita patterns:
  • Like others, they are multi-size patterns and you can print out just the size you want
  • They give lots of information you need on measurements of the sizes, types of fabrics to use, notions you need etc. just like traditional print patterns
  • The one BIG difference that sold me on their patterns is that they actually have a LAYOUT showing you how to lay out the pattern pieces.  All others I've used have left you to figure this out on your own which is fine if you've been sewing awhile but if you are new to sewing, you'd be totally lost without this.
For that third reason alone, I would recommend these patterns if you are a novice sewer.  But even if you are experiences, you will LOVE these patterns.

The romper was an easy, quick and fun sew and I decided to whip up a long-sleeved t-shirt (Brindille & Twig Ringer Tee FREE!) to go with it.

I've been sewing a lot and now that mask requests have dropped I am back to sewing baby clothes and even a few things for myself.  I'm even rediscovering appliqueing which I haven't done since MY kids were little!

Whipped up this fun, little crab shirt and "bummie" shorts for summer.  (Brindille & Twig Ringer T and free bummie short pattern)

While I was not compensated for this 'review' I know that if you try Puperita patterns, you'll probably never go back to traditional paper patterns.  And you can't beat the price, 7-9.00 for a pattern with sizes from newborn - toddler sizes in most cases!  

How about you?  What is filling your days right now?


  1. Lauren, Thanks for popping by my blog. You are very talented and I can see you like fabrics as much as I do. I have never heard of Puperita patterns but I will look them up.
    Just so you know, when you leave a comment you come through as a NoReply so I can't reply directly to you. There is an easy fix for it if you want to know how to do it...and your profile doesn't tie back to your blog so it makes it harder to find you. I just googled you again because you popped off my reading list for some reason.
    Thanks and I hope you stay safe!!!

  2. That pirate fabric is adorable and perfect for the pattern you chose. Thank you for the link - I will check it out. I've been busy crocheting and today cut the makings for 40 more masks.

  3. That is the cutest little baby romper, Lauren. How exciting that you will go to Boston soon to meet your new grandson. I love that precious crab shirt and shorts too. You did an excellent job on these. There are so many cute clothes out there for babies. I couldn't believe some of the ones Jess and Nel received when the granddaughters were born.

    I hope you stay well and safe, Lauren. And thanks for visiting today. I always love your stories you share on your comments. I smiled at what your husband said. Sounds like me too. : )

  4. Just came across your blog... You do such an amazing job with sewing! I often find myself lacking the patience to sit down long enough to make things that require much detail, unless it is hand needlework. Your sewing inspires me to give it a try again, though! :) I used to do more, so I should pull out some projects again.

  5. These are really cute. I'm sending this to my cousin who sews and has the cutest baby grand!

  6. Love both of these cute outfits. The patterns are so cute on the fabric and I love the applique.
    Great job. Oh how I wish I could sew! Happy Thursday.

  7. The outfits are just darling, Lauren, and your fabric choices are, too. I know that you’re having fun sewing up fun things for your grandson. I’ve been busy sewing, crocheting, baking and gardening. Yesterday I went to brown bag garage party, with a few friends, and we did social distancing.

  8. These are adorable! When I was a kid, I collected stuffed octopus toys so the octopus caught my eye.

    I'm working full-time from home and usually just crash on the couch after I "clock out".

  9. I haven't sewed garments in such a very long time, but your baby cloths make me want to make some cute things for a little one. There are none in my life right now, but I'm making note of your posts for the (hopeful) future. ;^) Each of these garments is adorable.

  10. Your makes are adorable and I love the fabric, I've only every made knitted or crochet garments!

  11. I love the little pirates, such a sweet outfit.

  12. More adorable outfits you've made! So cute! Reminds me of all the doll clothes I used to sew when I was quite young. :) Little clothes are always so sweet to make.

  13. Bonjour chère amie,
    Je pense ne pas être la seule à avoir délaisser peu à peu les blogs, j'essaie de faire vivre le mien, plus au même rythme toutefois.
    Aujourd'hui, je constate que cela me manque...
    C'est un véritable plaisir que d'admirer vos dernières publications.
    Facebook est un excellent support, soit mais ne remplace pas la belle intimité des blogs...

    Gros bisous,

  14. Hi Lauren,
    I sent you a reply via email to the comments you left on my blog, but both came back with invalid email address. Please check back as I have answered your comment on the comment area for the Zoom class. For the Pfaff tutorial, thank you!


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