Thursday, September 27, 2018

Easy Pocket Pillow Cover

It's a bit early for me to swap out my summer bedroom for my fall/winter one but we are 'expecting' in October. . . 

so I feel like I better 'fluff the nest' NOW because I know I won't have any free time with a new 'baby' in the house!

I just finished a new banner for over our bed using burlap and flannel so I used some of the left over flannel, crochet medallions and scrap ticking fabric to create a pillow to match.

Take one old, ugly pillow and measure the length and width. This one was 17" long and 12" wide.  
Cut:  1 piece 2" longer (19" long and 14" wide)
Cut: 1 piece same width but 4" shorter (14" wide and 15" long)
Cut:  1 piece same width but 10" shorter (14" wide and 9" long")

You can leave the front plain or embellish it.  I chose to create two striped pieces and added a few crochet medallions.

Medallions were stitched just in the center, attaching them to the ticking fabric.

Ticking pieces were stitched to the front pillow section.

Create a 1/2" hem on the smaller, back piece.

Create a 1" hem on the larger, back piece.

Lay your pillow front FACE UP.  Lay the larger, back piece face down (so right sides of fabric are together) on the left.

 Next, lay the shorter, back piece on top of the longer back piece, again, right sides together with the front of the pillow cover.

Pin through all layers and stitch, using a 5/8" seam.  Note:  I tend to err on the side of a narrower seam.  It's always easier to go back around and make the cover SMALLER, rather than having to remove the stitching and make the cover BIGGER to fit the pillow.  If you measure correctly, a 5/8" seam should be just right though.

A little trick for getting nice, sharp corners:  Take two stitches across the corner, then turn and continue stitching down the side.  Do this on every corner.

Once you've stitched your cover, turn it inside out and fit your pillow form inside.  This doesn't have to be neat and pretty . . . you're just making sure the pillow cover will fit.  Once you know it will fit, turn it back inside out.

Trim all the seams and cut the corners off as shown.  This will help you get a nice, sharp edge when you turn the case back right side out.

My sewing teacher from nearly 50 years ago always told me the inside of my garment/project should always be as neatly finished as the outside.  I still hear her voice ringing in my ears when I'm tempted to skip finishing my seams!  This will keep them from unraveling (and make it pretty for those people who I'm sure are going to tip toe into the bedroom, remove the pillow cover and peek inside of it . . . hahaha!)

Pocket pillow covers are great! They're so easy and give a nice, finished cover that you can remove and wash and switch out with other covers for the seasons.

So I swapped out my seersucker duvet cover for my flannel and my white, crochet throw for my fur throw as well as my curtains and a few other things so now I'll be ready to focus on the new baby!

How are you getting ready for colder weather?  Or are you one of the lucky ones down south whose colder weather means brrrrrrrr..... temps in the 50's in December???

On any given week (depending on how busy I am!) I love to participate in Link Parties.  These gals put a lot of time and effort into hosting these parties so I always want to show my appreciation by directing my readers to these blogs. 









  1. I really like your pillow but oh....Hudson....beyond adorable!!!! What kind is he?? I'm thinking maybe cocker spaniel??

  2. I love that pillow!! I have a soft spot for pillows.
    Oooh look at Hudson Taylor...He is going to be one handsome fella, and yes, you are going to be quite busy. :}
    Hudson Taylor, one of my favorite missionaries, great choice for a name.

    Bless you ~

  3. What a pretty vintage looking pillow! The doilies remind me of snowflakes and the striped fabric reminds me of old fashioned pillow ticking. I love it!!

    1. Thank you Leslie! My husband said the same thing about the doilies. I hate snow so I'll say they look like flowers hahahaha!

  4. I love your new baby! And the banner is adorable. I do love that fabric, too.


  5. I just recently made another envelope pillow. I tried a new method of just using one big rectangle so that I didn't have to sew side seams. I'll have to share it on my blog. Your pillow looks so pretty on your bed. I'm glad that you're getting some projects done before you're too busy with Hudson!

  6. Oh, how beautiful!! Your room looks like one I would see in a magazine! So warm and cozy and inviting! And, that puppy!!!! Oh, my word, how adorable! I LOVE the name. I often quote Hudson Taylor and try to apply his philosophy in prayer when he said, "I have learned to move man through God by prayer." God can fight our battles without us ever having to say a word or "fire a shot." I love that you named your puppy after that great man of God! That should be one anointed puppy! LOL!! Sending love and hugs your way today, sweet friend. :)

  7. The pillow is beautiful and the room is so cozy. Love your new little fur angel. Hudson is just adorable. With having a new puppy ourselves it is a lot of training and adjustments but the love they give is all worth it. Enjoy that sweet little one.

  8. Great pillow tutorial, Lauren and I love your cozy blush throw! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Hudson Taylor is adorbs to the max!


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