Monday, June 11, 2018

DIY Desk Decor

Since we are all just 'fit to be tied' over the changes Blogger has made, I don't expect anyone to stop back to see comments once they've posted so I'll simply be visiting your blogs in return (unless you come up as anonymous . . . still haven't figured THAT one out either!) if I'm able to see who you are in your comment.  Let's just hope they get their act together soon and realized what a crazy move that was!!

Now, on to more FUN things!
Recently I started a new job.  No matter where I work, I always feel the need to "feather my nest".  Part of my 'feathering' was inspired by Aly at Entirely Eventful Day.  She came up with a great way to create a custom desk pad that can be CHANGED out using different paper, or in my case, fabric!  

I purchased this Spray Mount by Scotch because it is removable which was key for me since I want to be able to change the fabric when I get tired of this print.   The directions say to use a heavier coat if you want it to be permanent.  Like Aly, I purchased my desk pad at IKEA.  Mine was only 6.00!  I cut the fabric to size and then sprayed the SMOOTH side and applied the fabric FACE UP, showing through the MARBLED side.  This is important because you need the marbled side up so you can operate your mouse on it.  Once it was adhered enough, I trimmed any loose threads.

My second project was taking a Goodwill Store frame and creating a tray to hold supplies.  After removing the picture, I covered the cardboard insert with the fabric. I used chalk paint and distressing on the frame, put the fabric covered board back inside and then was ready to add 'feet'.

I added these little birch tags as 'feet' for the tray using hot glue to stick them on.

My third project was to create some fun jars to hold my 'stuff'. I got these for 1.50 each at IKEA and gave them a few coats of Rustoleum Chalked spray paint.  They looked okay but I decided to distress them a bit and add some dark wax. I finished them off by wrapping some bakers string around the top neck part (guess I forgot to take a picture of that but you get the idea!).

My office 'nest' is now properly 'fluffed' and 'feathered'.

You don't need a separate mouse pad since the desk pad works as the mouse pad also!

Three fun jars to hold 'essentials'.

Add a little container of succulents and I'm all set to work.

And when I get tired of the fabric I chose . . . I can simply replace it on both the desk pad AND the tray.


  1. I love that pretty fabric and have some similar to that. Now you've given me some ideas! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend!

  2. Your office desk looks nice, Lauren. I like the red rose fabric. Your desk pad is cute, and love those little birch tags. You're all ready to go now. Enjoy your new space. : )


  3. Hi Lauren what great ideas these both are,love them both,hope you like your new job and hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  4. Congrats on the new job! Your DYI projects are a fun way to beautify your workspace. I've used some teawares to store stationery supplies.

    I'm also hoping that the issue with e-mail notifications for comments will be resolved soon!

  5. Oh, Lauren, Blogger is aggravating all of us to the max. But, you can just check the box under your comment box that says,"notify me" and it will send your comments to your email. Another blogger told me that little trick and it works perfectly. You will have to do it for each post but it's not a problem at all.

    Love all your cute projects, great ideas! Happy week!

  6. This looks wonderful, Lauren. I love the IKEA pads. I use one as an art pad (as is) to cover my table when I'm painting or crafting because you can just wipe them down. It's terrific with the fabric and so is the frame. I bet my old office WISHES my desk had looked like that!

    I'm slowly compiling email addresses from my past blogger comments to reply to but it's a slow process. I hope they fix this soon.

  7. I love it! This fabric is just fact, I came very close to ordering that very same print for some curtains I made for our bedroom...decided to go with a different shade. Love the vintage look and great idea for the desk pad/mouse pad all in one!

  8. OH Lauren...I love how you feather your nest! :) I never knew you could do that ...and frankly I've never had a desk pad...great idea! I love the sweet fabric and the lovely jars and way you used the frame. I'm sure it'll make your working time more pleasant!

  9. Great idea to make the fabric replaceable! I would love something similar but my 'desk' is totally covered with my phone, computer tower, monitor and printer. It's a three level desk with a swing out 'arm' that serves me as an ironing board and then the keyboard pulls out from the lower level. Very functional for my small space, but too small to have 'pretties' on top - unfortunately.

  10. What beautiful fabric you chose for your desk pad, Lauren, and the framed fabric holding your supplies is just perfect! I know changing the fabric will be fun to do throughout the seasons, and will make you happy. The jars are so cute, too! Great job! It's the little things in life that bring us joy, right?

  11. Oh, how pretty! This must make your workload seem lighter to be able to look at such a pretty scene while working! I know what you mean about blogger...I HATE all of this...different people have told me they can't even leave a comment, and I feel like I have lost touch with so many followers and supporters through this. It all feels so disconnected. I am tempted to switch to another format, but I keep hoping they change their minds and put things back the way they were. SO frustrating! It was so nice to visit with you, sweet friend. Praying for you!

  12. Great idea! Love the fabric you chose and your jars are sweet. Someday maybe I will have a desk for my computer. Right now my office is my lap sitting on one end of the couch!

  13. Congrats on the new job and your pretty new nest. I am a Wordpress gal so I don't know what happened with Blogger but hope they undo or improve on whatever mess they've made.

  14. Lauren, what great ideas! I'm going to Pin this so when I get ready to "fluff" my office I'll have it.

  15. I love it. I love the desk pad, the jars and tray. Great job. You inspire me to get up and go finish working on my desk area where I edit my photos. Most days I am on the laptop on the deck. Congrats on the new job...


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