Sunday, April 29, 2018

Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes - Magazine Rack

I got this little magazine rack at Salvation Army the other day for 5.00.  It's a solid piece and I liked all of the details on it. Because of the nice, smooth surface, I chose to use Rustoleum Chalked SPRAY paint.  I love this stuff!  AND since it's FINALLY warm out, I was able to work on it outside!
(I almost forgot to snap a 'before' picture . . . do you ever do that??)
I also knew when I saw it that I wanted to paint a quote on it so I found this one and it was the perfect size.  I print my quotes out on computer paper and then put graphite paper underneath and trace with a pen, transferring the writing onto the surface.
Once I trace the quote on, I use regular acrylic paint and a fine tipped brush to paint in the letters.  When dry, I sand very lightly to distress it a little as well as distressing 'here and there' on the rack.
I applied a coat of clear wax and then buffed the spindles with this attachment on my electric drill.  If you do a lot of waxing, these 'fuzzy' heads are so handy for buffing detailed spots like these.
I love working on these smaller projects in between bigger ones . . . a sense of accomplishment quickly!  Also, another advantage to the Rustoleum Chalked Spray paint is that is dries SUPER fast!  By the time you've finished one coat, the first is nearly dry!  So the project moves very quickly.
Looking forward to working on more projects in my "outdoor" work room!

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  1. ooooh - I love this!!! And the quote is absolutely perfect too (not that I, by any stretch of the imagination, like quotes or anything!).

  2. Oh, how beautiful!!! I love this! And, the quote is just perfect! You do such a wonderful job and always, always have the neatest ideas! Now, see I would have bought that magazine rack and not known what to do with it or how to improve it. You always see the potential in things and are able to look beyond their current condition. Praying for you, faithfully, sweet friend and sending hugs your way!

  3. Wow -- you did a great job. Those legs can be a real pain to do so well. I didn't know Rustoleum now had spray chalk paint. This is definitely a game changer for me!

  4. Oh, I love this so much! So good to know about the Rustoleum chalk paint!

  5. Oh, Lauren...this is beautiful. May I use one of your photos (with a link back to you) for an upcoming post about a mag rack I found last yr and painted ? It would be fun to tie yours in with mine and add the link to your instructions as well.
    I must say...YOURS turned out MUCH cuter than mine so OF COURSE, now I have to copy you....hahhaa...

  6. I love how your project turned out, Lauren, and how great to be outside to work. I must get some of that Rustoleum chalk paint. I need a project!

  7. Your magazine rack turned out great! I'm not much of a DYI-er so I gotta live vicariously through you!

  8. What a great improvement and I love the quote!! I see those magazine racks all the time while thrifting and wonder if they'd look better I know! Great project!

  9. Oh, I love the magazine rack, Lauren, and especially what it says. This looks like one of the magazine racks from back in the day. You did a fantastic job on it. It's charming now.


  10. That is just so cute and didn't know about the spray chalk paint. You always do such an amazing job!

  11. Here I am back again....I have the post up live of "our" magazine racks...come on over....

  12. Oh, I love it! You are SO creative and a perfectionist too! I saw the post at BJ's too. Everyone is loving this idea! Hugs!

  13. I saw this on BJ's blog how you fixed this up and inspired her. Really cute. Love it.


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