Friday, July 21, 2017

"Cotton" 2nd Anniversary Gift

For my son and daughter-in-law's 2nd wedding anniversary I created this Cotton-themed gift.  Did you know there are specific 'gifts' for each anniversary? There are actually different lists but I went with the most basic/original list and I found a great site that gives the history of the "list" itself. tells how this list came about and gives the traditional gift and the meaning behind each gift which I love (and added to my gift box).
I started with Prosecco and created a 'recipe' card telling how to make a Cotton Candy Prosecco Cocktail.  Get it . . . "Cotton" candy . . .  I tied the recipe to the bottle.
I wanted to find a "Cotton" scented candle but of course when I wanted one, I couldn't find one.  But I thought "Linen" was close enough to cotton!
I wrapped the candle in a vintage "cotton" tea table cloth that I had in my vintage linen stash.
I thought we better TRY this to see how it tasted haha! So hubby and I broke open a bottle and made our own Cotton Candy Prosecco Cocktails.  It WAS yummy and fun to watch the cotton candy melt.  It definitely added a sweetness to the drink which was very tasty.  
I was afraid to mail my own cotton candy because I thought it might 'melt' or be gross by the time it arrived to them in the mail.  So on Etsy, I found this WONDERFUL seller, County Fair Foods who sells the cotton candy in your choice of flavors/colors in favor-type bags.  The best part is that Melissa creates custom labels for the bags!  I told her what it was for and she created these ADORABLE labels for the bags.
Look how she added the cotton boll border!!  The package shipped quickly and my kids were thrilled with it and loved the personalized labels!
I created this card using the anniversary site information and tucked it inside the box.  
Doesn't this look festive and fun?!  I packed the box with colored tissue paper and threw in lots of cotton balls and the kids had such fun with it.
Last year for their first anniversary (paper), I created an album using pictures I had taken of my son from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  I will be posting details on that project soon but basically I took pictures of each of my kids on the first day of school WALKING AWAY from me.  The final picture was always intended to be of them WALKING AWAY with their spouse on their wedding day.
Have you ever used the 'anniversary' gift list?  It's a fun way to celebrate those milestone years!
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  1. What a fun, creative gift! I love how you come up with these things! God bless you, my friend. :)

  2. This cotton candy themed gift is wonderful, Lauren. How creative. I love the different colors of cotton candy, and how the champagne turns into a swirl of colors when placing the cotton in it. And the last picture of your son on the first day of school and once again walking away with his spouse on their wedding day is a treasured picture, indeed. Love it all, Lauren.


    1. Lauren, out of all the canned jams and jellies, I think strawberry is the best. That is so nice that your girls still make canned goodies. It's not something people do that often any more. And I'm glad you have sourdough to enjoy it with. Isn't it Yummy? I also noticed some pickles that Jess' mother-in-law made for her son, but I didn't get to try those. : )

  3. What special 2nd anniversary gifts you sent, Lauren! You're so very thoughtful. I must say that my heart melted at the thoughts of those photos and then the one of them on their wedding day. What a great idea!! You share the best things. Thank you!

  4. I'm a sucker for themed gifts so I love this creative anniversary present. I may have to try the candy cane with prosseco...

  5. Such a thoughtful gift and I love all of your details! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  6. You are so clever!! I just love this idea, unfortunately, my two daughters are long past their second anniversary.
    It was such a delight to come and visit with you.

  7. Cute idea. I used to give gifts according to "what is this yr type of gift"....I had forgotten all about that.


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