Thursday, April 20, 2017

Retro Message Center

As I've often said, it's great to have friends who save their "stuff" for you because they know you'll want to do SOMETHING with it!  This was the case when my friend had a friend who was going to toss these old cupboard doors from her 100+ year old home onto the bonfire (yikes!!).  My friend rescued and held on to them and recently I was able to pick them up and bring them home.  There are different shapes and sizes but there was only one like this that was narrow and had the two panels.  I knew right away it would be perfect in my updated retro kitchen as a message center.

 The original hinges were still attached but one was completely bent.  I just put it in hubby's vice and bent it down flat again.  I thought about leaving the paint on but decided I wanted to clean them.  I used the simple baking soda method and voila  . . .
 I decided not to paint the door because I liked it just the chippy way it was but I needed to add the chalkboard at the bottom.  I saw this paint at Hobby Lobby and since I just needed a little, I decide for the price, I'd give it a try and . . .

 I was SUPER impressed with it!  I love AS Chalk Paint but even the sample pots are expensive.  For 1.99 (and I only used half of the bottle) I put three thick coats on this door and it came out beautifully.  The paint comes in larger sizes as well and a variety of colors.  I really think that I will be using this a lot in the future.
For the cork board, I bought a small roll of cork at Hobby Lobby for 5.00.  It was just enough for the space but only about 1/8" thick.  To compensate, I took an old school project (sorry girls!) that had been hanging around in the basement for about 10 years (tell me others have these things laying around too please) and cut it to fit the space.  I used red liner tape to attach the cork.

 Once I did that, I didn't like that the edges of the foam core were showing so I used the red liner tape again to attach a piece of white gross grain ribbon around the entire edge.  More red liner tape adhered the board to the panel.
 A perfect little display/note board! I had some cute push pins from Big Lots.  Some I left as is, others, I used E6000 glue to attach some vintage earrings and jewelry pieces.
 The same, sweet friend who rescued the cupboard doors for me, also has given me a bunch of old siding boards which I cut and attached as shelves on the door.  Using that wonderful red liner tape again, I attached a vintage cup and saucer on one shelf to hold the chalk. I couldn't bring myself to use E6000 - I wanted the option to remove the cup if I wanted to at any point.
 A little red spray paint on the original knob and the project was complete.  It fits perfectly in this spot.
 Total cost for this project was $7.00 (the cork and the paint).  Don't you just love it when friends give you their cast offs!?  What's the BEST cast-off YOU'VE ever gotten?

On any given week (depending on how busy I am!) I love to participate in Link Parties.  These gals put a lot of time and effort into hosting these parties so I always want to show my appreciation by directing my readers to these blogs. 








  1. Such a great idea! You can never go wrong with chalkboards and bulletin boards. Technology is great but it does not take the place of words or pictures right in front of us.

  2. Hello Lauren,

    I love how you've repurposed this door into a message center. I've pinned it to several of my boards over on Pinterest. Great idea! Glad to meet you though I think I've found you before, but it's been a while. :) Thank you, too, for posting all the parties! I do try and connect to some each week, too.

    Have a blessed week,
    Barb :) {if you'd like to stop by :) }

  3. Hi Lauren, beautiful project and so useful. I love it! I use this chalk paint too and I love it and the price is right. Walmart also has the Waverly brand of chalk paint and it is equally as good.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. So nice to meet you.
    Have a blessed weekend ahead.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the Waverly brand -- I'll have to check it out. I'm a new follower and subscriber of your blog -- so many lovely things there and can't wait to check out your Etsy shop as well.

  4. How cute is that project, Lauren??!! You did such a great job and it's so useful, too. I love the addition of the teacup and saucer for holding the chalk, and how you used some vintage earrings to cover the push pins. You're so clever and talented!

  5. Great project Lauren! Not only did you save an old door from the bonfire, yikes is right, but you made it an awesome useful piece. I love that you left the door as is, and the red knob is a lovely punch of colour. Your vintage earring push pins are so fun. I'm Pinning!

  6. What a cute and original piece! I love to see things that have so much history reused and enjoyed...Great Job Lauren :)

  7. Great makeover! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  8. What a great project and I love the pop of red with the knob! My family has gotten into the habit of asking me first if I can do anything with whatever it is they want to donate or get rid of. Awesome that your friend saved this for you! Love the makeover! Pinned.


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