Saturday, April 1, 2017

Peeps S'Mores Gifts

I've seen different variations of this on Pinterest so I decided to modify it to use a an Easter gift for the Sunday school teachers who serve under me.  I also created a template with the card and recipe cards that you are welcome to download and use for anything other than resale.
  The gifts were simple to make.  All you need are:
Peeps of your choosing (I chose the yellow bunnies)
Hershey Miniatures (I used the Easter candies)
Graham Crackers
Easter grass
Cellophane bags
Small pom poms for the bunny tails
 I chose the miniatures mainly because they were wrapped in such cute Easter papers!  You could include just a regular size Hershey bar if you like.  
 Each bag contains enough ingredients to make 4 Peeps S'mores:  8 Graham halves (in a zip lock bag), 4 Miniature chocolates, 1 box of 4 Peeps, a recipe card and some Easter grass.
 After I printed the cards I used hot glue to add the little pom pom bunny tail.
 Before I finished these, I decided I better TRY the recipe first.  Using the thicker, miniatures, I realized the chocolate had to be melted first (30 seconds was just right in my microwave), then I added the peep and 
microwaved another 10 seconds. 

 Doesn't he look all puffy and cute??
Then you just slap that other graham cracker on . . . oops.  I felt I had to 'blur' that photo . . . well his little bottom was sticking out hahaha!
Well let me tell you . . . these are DEADLY.  Hubby ate two and I seriously could only handle one . . . and I DO love my sweets.  You will most definitely need a large, milk chaser after these!  But they are OH SO yummy!
 I would say depending on which chocolate you use, experiment first before you type up your instructions but either way, these will definitely hit that sweet tooth!

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  1. This is just the cutest idea, Lauren! Thanks for sharing this. I'm thinking that it would make great Easter gifts for my grandkids.

  2. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. This is so cute I am so doing this for my daycare kids. Thanks, visiting from The Art of Homemaking. Would love for you to share this on my linkup LMM at
    Have a great day.

  4. Hi Lauren...that is a "sweet" idea! Thanks for visiting my blog. The bunnies are ones I bought, none from my childhood. I do have a Lassie stuffed animal and a Tiny Tears doll from my childhood. What are your plans for Easter?

  5. Most adorable idea ever. If only I owned a color printer. Do you think it would still be cute in black and white? Maybe I could take a marker to it? ; P

  6. what a cute idea.. Love it very much...

    Please visit:

  7. These are so cute! What a great thank you gift idea. And of course, it's always best to taste-test everything first! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and introducing yourself. It's fun to meet friends of other blogger friends!

  8. What a cute, cute idea. I am definitely going to make these with my grandkids. They love s'mores so these would be a big hit!


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