Saturday, February 8, 2014

LOVE Valentine's Day!

I have to say that my most FAVORITE holiday to decorate for is Valentine's Day.  I think it could be because red is my favorite color.  Or it could be that after the Christmas decorations come down, everything looks so sad and bare and the Valentine decorations really make it look festive again.  OR, it could be because the bright pops of color help me through the dreary, gray days of January and February.  Whatever the reason, I thought I'd share some decorating ideas with you from this year.
 I keep this vintage "office" vignette in my bay window year-round but it always gets "tweaked" depending on the season.
 This little "nook" in my living room wall is always changing (even DURING a season!)  It's kind of like my "dress up doll" that I constantly rotate new and old things in and out of.
One of my favorite finds last year was thing vintage Josef ceramic angel.

My antique ladder is another one of my "dress up dolls".  
And finally, gratuitous photo of what I think is the cutest, little fur ball on the planet, Ava.
So as the snow is STILL falling here in the Midwest, I will turn on my Valentine lights and dream of seeing the grass again some day (I DID see a Robin today -- I'm thinking she was looking at the wrong month on her calendar though!)
How are YOU passing these dreadful, winter months?  Do you have an area that you change up with the seasons in your home?



  1. Sweet! I love Valentines decorations too. Ava is adorable!!!

  2. Ava steals the show and our hearts! I love the way you've added things to your cute! I like to decorate my baker's rack in the lanai and change it up for everything. We've had a rainy day so I sewed a bunny! Sweet hugs!

  3. Love your valentine decorations and Ava well just too adorable! What a sweetie.

  4. Hi Lauren and I'm so glad you popped in to see me! I love all of your sweet Valentine vignettes! I hope you'll come back again for another visit sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. First of all, Ava is adorable. Love your Valentine decor, especially the typewriter.

  6. Love your little touches of Valentine's decor! And Ava is the cutest Valentine :)

  7. the only Valentine decorating I did this year was to put a big red foil heart on the sled with all the greenery on it left from Christmas to greet my visitors. :) BUT....I am jumping on the bandwagon for Easter and decorating this weekend for that. I know it's 2 months until Easter but I love my bunnies. Happy Valentine's Day.

  8. beautiful blog :)...keep in touch..plz join my blog

  9. I like your vignettes...and they look so dust free! I think our house creates an extra pound of dust. Seriously!
    My area of change is the mantel... but there are some seasons, like Valentine's Day, that I just can't quite get the right look. I don't know what it is! Think I need to invest in some valentine décor!
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. :)


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