Monday, November 18, 2013

Grad Tassel Ornaments

While doing some cleaning and reorganizing, I came across several of my kids' graduation tassels and decided to put them to use as Christmas ornaments.

 Originally I wanted to put the year charm inside the ornament but these were too big to fit through the opening.

 Instead I removed the year charm to hang on the outside.  Getting the tassel INSIDE the ornament proved to be the most tricky - go figure.  But by twisting it first, it seemed to make it easier.  I already had jump rings and these jewelry clips/clamps.  

 The year charm was then attached to the jump ring and the jump ring attached to the clamp and the clamp attached to the cord.  
 You could cut the cord off but I wanted to keep the entire tassel intact.  I think this is a great way to preserve the graduation memory!


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très belle initiative... Votre sapin va être joliment décoré.
    Gros bisous

  2. That is such an awesome IDEA . I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea. Thanks

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  4. Hi, can you tell me where you got the ornaments? I've been looking everywhere for clear ornaments.

    Rebecca Darnell


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