Friday, August 16, 2013

Re-Tooled Toolbox

 I'm getting ready to do my first 'craft' show in years so lots and lots of projects in progress.  This is one of my favorites.  It was the insert to my hubby's toolbox and he (gasp!) had thrown it in the trash!

A coat of Paris Gray Chalk Paint and this quote applied using this tissue transfer method . . .

A quick rub of some stain here and there . . .

and it's ready to go!

I have to admit I'm having to "gear" up my ego for this show.  Have you ever done a show?  If so, how do you handle the people who:

A.  Want your hard work for nothing and

B.  Ask you about every little detail of HOW you made this (often while taking pictures and copious notes!) and then walk away saying, "That is SO cute!  I can make that."

Any pitfalls you suggest I avoid?


  1. I love it, Lauren. Boy, you're really tearing through tissue these days. lol Well, you know I'm familiar with shows. I don't mind haggling within reason. Sometimes, people can be downright rude. I simply give them MY bottom line when it comes to discounts. If you don't want photos taken, just say so. If someone is persistant on every little detail about how I did something, I say I charge for lessons. That kinda does it. lol

  2. I can't believe he was going to throw it out! It is gorgeous! I have only done one show and did not have any bad experiences so I have no advice to give except have fun!!! The flowers in my store window are made out of paper I will do a blog post to show you how...Stay tuned


  3. I agree, I will bargain a bit with a customer, but am firm. You have to be ready to let a sale go. I put a sign on one table that states, 'no photos', and I mean it!!! I do not give out details on how I made something unless it is something of common knowledge like, how to quilt??? I also don't give out info on where I buy wholesale or who my suppliers are. I usually say that I surf the net until I find what I want. You can get directions for anything on the net!!!

    Good luck on your show and have a good time!!!

  4. What a great idea, so happy you were able to salvage it from the trash. I'll discount something I've had awhile. People are usually pretty good about asking before they take pictures and then I'll give them my card and ask if they put it out there to please link back to me. Probably doesn't happen though.

  5. Good luck with your show!! One good piece of advice someone once gave me was that there are "makers" and there are "buyers" and they don't usually overlap. So I always bring some unique as is "junk" pieces in addition to my handmade stuff. That way you can sell to both :) I've learned to just smile and share what I can/want...and then replay my mom's voice in my head that says "imitation is the highest form of flattery" :) We are living in a "Pinterest World"...hahaha!
    Enjoy! Laurel

  6. Lauren,
    I love that you found me now I have found you. Love this tool box how sweet is this. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment for Laurel. I loved having her featured. She is the sweetest.

  7. I love that tool box.. OMGOODNESS get a pen i can tell you where to mail it LOL .. LOVE it


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