Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine Tree

You may recognize this tree . . .
  This is how it looked for Christmas with faux-vintage photos on it.  This was a big hit with guests who thought these were photos of my family . . . they got a good laugh when I told them I just pulled them from the internet!
 Using Google, I did a search for "Vintage Valentine Cards" and found a bunch of cute images.
I added a bit of detail with some ultra-fine glitter, 'aged' them with stamps and ink and  mounted them on layers of card stock.
 I kept the prisms and red beads on the tree and just clipped on the miniature Valentine cards.
I filled the wire base with metallic hearts and placed the tree on a vintage doily.  Multi-purpose decorating saves me a lot of time and storage space.  Take a look around at your decorations and see if there are things you have that can be used for several holidays.  I'll be back soon to show you more of my multi-purpose decorations.  It's hard to believe it's almost Valentine's Day since we're enjoying temps in the upper 40's - low 50's here in Chicago -- but I'm not complaining . . . each day without snow is a gift!



  1. Absolutely seeing how the 'heart' grow from the tree! Good idea!

  2. Oh I just love little trees like this one that you can change up with the different looks very SWEET!!


  3. Hi Lauren,

    I adore how you decorated the now Valentine's tree.


  4. What a cute idea, Lauren! Love it! And about my printer...yes, it's inkjet and no, they don't bleed. Yaay! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie


    Check this out for this year's valentine !!!

  6. Cute, all old photos...whether I know the people or not :) Laurel

  7. Oh my ... half my house still screams xmas! I may have to pass on all the heart-themed crafts this year!

    Lauren, thanks for your sweet comments on my bench over at Kim's Savvy Southern Style!

    Oh, and I would love if you could join me and some amazing talented bloggers in our "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge. Here's the link ...



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