Saturday, January 14, 2012

Multi-Purpose Decorating: Take 3

Living in a small house with little storage space I've learned to decorate my home with items that can easily be converted for several holidays.  This centerpiece on my dining room table is one of them.  Starting out as a $5.00 thrift find (1/2 price day!), this Crate & Barrel candle holder has had three "lives" . . . so far.  Originally it looked like this:
 Then dressed for Autumn/Thanksgiving:
 Next for Christmas:
 And now for Valentine's Day:
 I replaced the tapered candle holders with these dollar store ones because I like the rounded shape better.  The heart garlands are necklaces from the Target Dollar Spot (3/1.00) that I cut apart.  
 The hearts are from the dollar store. I removed the sticks and hot glued them together in a "mound" adding some red beads and stones.  So, when it comes time to store these, I'll just remove the hearts and garland and leave the candle holder to be decorated for the next season.  


  1. Very decorative. I like how you've been able to use it so many different ways.

  2. I liked this the first time I saw it and I still like it. Great Valentine's Day decor. Thanks for sharing another season.

  3. This is a great idea! I don't have nearly enough storage but I love to decorate! ♥

  4. Your decorating sense is amazing! You will find 20 uses for that candle holder by the end of the year! I'm totally serious. You should keep a tally at the top of your blog! That would be awesome~

  5. I live in a little house, but I am not as clever as you, I keep just a few decorations for every holiday instead of re-purposing...Why didn't I think of that.....As she slaps her forehead LOL!


  6. So pretty, Lauren! I love all the endless options! :)

  7. Lauren,
    You are really making good use of this great thrifty it!!!


  8. Already thinking about Valentines? You are so ahead of me.


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