Monday, October 24, 2011

Guests or Hubby? How Can I Choose?

Thanks to my lovely new daugher-in-law, we now have an 'extra' room in our home for the first time in 27 years of marriage.  (She took our oldest off of our hands -- haha!)  While our twins had the idea that for the first time in THEIR 20 years they'd each have their own room (they complain that they've "shared a room since the womb"), we had other plans.  The dilemma:  I want my husband to have his own space (he surprised me several years ago by having friends over while I was gone for a weekend and building me a stamping/craft room in the basement!) since I have mine.  HOWEVER, we also would love to have a space for guests to sleep (Adults aren't usually fond of bunk or loft beds - go figure.)  

So my dreams of a vintage, shabby-chic, B&B-type retreat are out and I'm faced with finding a way to create a masculine retreat that is also warm and inviting to guests.  Here's what we have to work with:  A SMALL room, (14X14) two windows, one closet, moss-gray carpet (although it looks purple in the pics! (which will stay because it's pretty new) and this desk and chair which we just bought for 25.00 each at thrift stores. 
I'll be painting them (Annie Sloan Graphite maybe??) and recovering the chair seat.  My plan is to add a loveseat-size sofa bed or futon.  I'm thinking shades of gray, white and black as the foundation colors and then throwing in a bright color (turquoise? yellow? red?) with accent pieces.  

The wing chair will go (although I wish I had room for a SMALL, comfy reading chair) as will the other pieces which are just being 'housed' in the room for now. 
We also got this fabulous old magazine/book rack for 25.00! Hubby as you can see already thinks it's going in here for his books but I think it will be going in the living room after it gets a makeover. . . we'll see who wins there!

We have lots of prep work including painting all the woodwork white, taking down the border, painting the walls, new window treatments, etc.  Can you help me??  I'd sure love to hear your suggestions? Is it even POSSIBLE that we can both end up happy with this room???


  1. Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law AND your newly acquired room. Looks to me like there are lots of possibilities for a great sitting-guest room. I like the idea of turquoise with the greys. Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments :)

  2. Lauren, firstly, thanks so much for coming to visit my blog at

    Love your ideas of color for the future hubby den…Good luck!
    I do have a couple of ideas for you to think about re bed suggestions for this room…Am not sure what your budget is like but some of those blow up beds on legs are fantastic and easily storable. You could, when needed, place it in front of a set of bookcases and that would give you room for an armchair too…maybe….
    Oh well, you will make it look great!

  3. Well, I think your idea of foundation colors with bright pops would look quite pretty. I'm with the loveseat!!! May be a pale grey paisley for its seat and bright yellow raw silks for accents. Rich and lush and warm.

    Would definitely look around in here for the development.

    ROy @ Trumatter

  4. I can't wait to see the transformation! Thanx for coming to party! Oh and i think that book/magazine rack would look great in my living room!;)

  5. Maybe go for a more masculine english cottage look. Using your color scheme, with paisley print not to girly, a few hunting photos or outdoorsy photos, vintage suitcases as end tables, etc. Maybe a daybed w/trundle, comfortable for either 1 guest or 2.

    Can't wait to see the finished room.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Hi Lauren~
    I think the ideas you have sound wonderful!! I hope that you share the finished project with us when you are done. What fun - I always love to redo.

  7. That is a lovely bookcase....we used to have one just like it! I'm sure your new room will be very special.

  8. This room looks like it has so much potential. I cannot wait to see what you end up doing with it!

  9. What about an English hunt-themed room? It can be masculine, yet still appeal to everyone. Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie


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