Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twine Hugged Eggs

You’ve probably seen these twine-covered eggs on several blogs . . . I saw them at Kristine Mckay Designs under her Dollar Store Easter decorations post so it's not my idea but I sure loved them!  I also had this glass jar that I needed to do SOMETHING with so why not fill it with twine-wrapped eggs?  

I did come up with a few “helpful hints” that I’ll pass on to you if you decide to do this project.  I started out using the glue gun for attaching the twine to the egg at intervals and for me, this proved to be a bit messy.

I decided to use “Terrifically Tacky” tape for the majority of the wrapping/adhering.  This is a double-sided tape but it is SUPER sticky and strong.  I’m not sure that regular double stick tape would work but this sure did!  

I wrapped the egg once around from top to bottom and then added two separate strips one on each side, also from top to bottom. 

Starting with a dab of hot glue, I attached the end of the twine.  Another hint:  Start at the ‘small’ end of the egg – it’s much easier!  Once the twine was attached with the hot glue, I began wrapping, being certain to press the twine firmly as it crossed over the tape and trying not to touch the tape below too much.  Once I got about a third of the egg covered in twine, I moved to holding the twine-covered top while continuing to wrap the bottom.  

As you get to the wider bottom part of the egg, you may need to add a dab of hot glue here and there but when you get to the bottom part, it’s almost completely covered in the sticky tape so you should be able to press the twine down and then just use a dab of hot glue at the very end to seal it.  I was also using twine I already had, which was kind of thin but I like the look it gave.  I’m sure you could use thicker twine or even try butcher’s twine or other types of string/cord/rope.

For a little added “something”, I used a Stampin’ Up! flower punch and punched out flower shapes from cream-colored cardstock to toss in with the eggs.
Now my only problem will be to keep my puppy from pulling these out and playing with them!


  1. I like these eggs, I've thought of doing that myself.

  2. Wow! These are beautiful!
    I came over here to answer your question about the masking paper because your profile is set as a no-reply blogger. You can buy a 180 foot roll of masking paper at Home Depot or Lowes for just a few dollars.
    If you would like to receive e-mails in response to your comments or questions on peoples blogs you can e-mail me at and i will help you:)

  3. so sweet and pretty...would love for you to share this project at my fridays unfolded @


    stuff and nonsense

  4. i am obsessed with twine. i'm totally going to do this..thanks for the great idea!

  5. I think they're simply adorable. Perfect accent for the season!

  6. These are so cute. I'm glad you gave the tutorial too. I think I'll try them. Thanks!


  7. LOVE these, thanks for the tutorial. you will save us a lot of time knowing your hints! Thanks for joining in for the party!

  8. So cute and I think I can make these! I will definitely give them a try this week. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks for linking them up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence! We are hosting our Sister Saturday Easter Edition next Saturday, would love you to come back by and link these up!


  9. THose are precious!! I love your blog - very sweet. I'm your newest follower.
    Please stop by for a visit sometime.

  10. Love these, I love using that tape! It is so amazing! Thanks for stopping by and linking, have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hello Lauren! Great craft! I think I will show this to my nieces. They will have a nice time doing this. Perfect for easter too. :) Have a great weekend!

  12. What a wonderful idea. They turned out fantastic. Very neat job you did. Thanks for linking it up! Would you please put a link to the HSH party in the post. Thanks.

  13. Love this idea! Very well done, including the tiny flower embellishment. Thank you for linking it up at our DIY CRAFT tutorial party last week. A new one will open again tomorrow at 6 am and you're welcome to join in again:


  14. Hi there- These are darling! You did a great job on them! I love little twine wrapped pieces and eggs- so sweet! Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  15. Love these Courtney! The texture of the twine on the eggs is fabulous.

  16. Love the twine eggs, great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.


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