Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Vintage Finds


I love estate sales and now that spring is here (Well at least that's what the CALENDAR says . . . the weather begs to differ right now!) estate sales are in abundance.  On a recent outing I came across this piece on the last day of a sale.  

I picked it up several times . . . and put it back. It was marked 10.00 but would be 5.00 that day.  I left that room.  And I came back.  I googled it . . . I couldn't find anything except a picture of one from Pinterest with it's original box.

It was made by Max Factor.  That's all I could find out.  But THAT is what will usually cause me to consider buying something. If you find a LOT of that "thing" online, it's probably not very rare.  The fact that every, single lipstick was there and totally untouched was really unbelievable.

So, I bought it.  I came home and for days tried to find even another picture of it and . . . nothing.  I didn't have a use for it so I listed it on eBay.  Immediately, I realized that this was a really good purchase lol.  It ended up selling for quite a tidy sum so my assumption that it was rare and collectible was a good assumption haha!  I'm glad someone has it who obviously appreciates and will enjoy it!

I'm always drawn to vintage linens and at the same sale I picked up some wonderful pieces that will be used in my kitchen once the renovation is complete.  I'm going to stick with my vintage/retro, red, yellow, black theme.  This large tablecloth MAY become curtains.  I kind of hate to cut it up as it's in excellent condition but I won't have a kitchen table to use it on so I think making curtains from it will be a good way to give it new life.

And while this has nothing to do with estate sales, I can't resist sharing these pictures of me on what was obviously my second birthday.  

Both of these were scanned from old SLIDES using a program I'll be blogging about soon called SlideScan.  It's an amazing app and I can't wait to share some of the pictures I scanned using it.

I must say that I do NOT feel the same way about birthdays, candles and cake today hahahahaha!!


  1. Those vintage linens rock! I don't know why it is that I love pictures of babies crying -- so long as they aren't hurt, just having a moment -- but they always crack me up. I'm glad you like birthdays better now!

  2. You were a cutie. Hope you have a good birthday. Those lipsticks look pretty cool glad you decided to get them. Have a great week and wonderful Mother's Day. xoxo Kris

  3. How cute were you?!?! Have a cozy evening!

  4. Great purchases, Lauren! The vintage fabric will be pert for your kitchen. Love the pics of you! Happy Birthday 🥳🎂 🥰🎂

  5. What terrific birthday pictures. LOL! The lipstick birdhouse looks cute, and good for you for figuring it was worth something. Love your vintage linens!

  6. I love the old pictures! Those moments we look back on and laugh about.
    Sweet vintage finds to! One never knows what some things are valued at when we see them.

  7. Oh my gosh, how funny is that picture of you with the cake! So precious. I remember those lipsticks, and that red rose table cloth - I love it! I like your kitchen colors. I had bits of red in my kitchen a long time ago, and I really miss it. I hope you show us some pics of your kitchen when the renovation is complete. What great vintage finds, Lauren.



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