Thursday, December 9, 2021

Vintage Sleeve Board Make Over


How many of you know what this is?  I remember seeing my mom use this every week as she ironed shirts.  If you look closely the base tells you . . . it's a Worldsbest Sleeve Board.  You know, in the "old days" when people actually ironed shirts, you didn't want a crease in the sleeve so you'd slip it onto this board and get nice, neatly pressed sleeves.

These days I use mine for pressing little boy outfits that I sew for my grandson.  

I had a cheapo metal one I'd bought years ago when my kids were little but this solid beauty came from my parents' house.  Looking at the cover, I thought this was a genius way to gather the fabric!  There is a piece of string threaded through the serged edge!

I used the original cover to cut a new one and then serged the edges.  I would think you could also do a wide zig-zag stitch if you didn't have a serger.  Using a tapestry needle I threaded the new string all the way around.

I also added a new layer of fleece padding on top before putting the new cover on.

Here she is  . . . all spiffed up and ready for another 60 years!

I'm going to attempt to be less of a delinquent blogger but no promises for 2022 haha!  My days are filled with work, LOTS of sewing for my little grandson and even myself from time to time and traveling as often as possible to visit him! 

I still enjoy reading other blogs (how DO you all keep them up so frequently!!??) and am wishing everyone a most blessed Christmas 2021!


  1. Hello!!! Nice to hear from you and that you are enjoying being a grandma. :) The sleeve board is so nice, glad it's of use to you! Take care!

  2. What fun to read this post Lauren! I have one of these too but mine my Dad made for me. I don't often use it but sometimes it's the only thing that will serve the purpose.
    Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours!

  3. So good to see a post from you! Back when my daughters were younger, I sewed a lot of clothes for their American Girl dolls. I found a sleeve board very helpful! 🙂

  4. What a pretty cover for that beautiful old sleeve board!

  5. I have a sleeve board similar to this, only mine has a metal support with a hinge that lets me fold mine down so it becomes flat. I love using mine for small sewing projects, especially since it's so convenient to pull out instead of a large ironing board! It's been a great blessing for me. I sewed a new cover for mine too shortly after I found it at a garage sale. :)

    1. I had one like that that folded down but it kept collapsing haha! They surely do come in handy for quick touch ups or sewing projects!


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