Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dollar Store Cupboard Door Fall Wreaths

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to do a bit more decorating in the kitchen for holidays so I added Command hooks to the INSIDE of the cabinets  so I can hang wreaths on the doors.  

Since then . . . I've not made any new ones haha!  Click HERE for the tutorial on placing the hooks.

I decided to do something for fall and bought everything at the Dollar Tree.

The wreath forms came two to a package.  I simply wrapped wired ribbon around the forms and secured with hot glue leaving a long 'tail' for hanging.

I tied the 'tail' with some string to keep it neat and centered.

I love the felt leaves the dollar store had this year!  I added some felt leaves, faux flowers and some acorns I had collected.

The hardest part (and it's not REALLY hard) is making sure they all hang at the same level.  I just cut a slit in the ribbon and slid it over the upside down hook then looped it over to the front of the cupboard.

Easy, cheap holiday decor!

How are you 'fluffing your nest' for fall?


  1. What fun! Our kitchen is the domain of the Resident Chef and I don't suppose he would appreciate anything on *his* cupboards, but that's not to say the other doors in the house aren't fair game!

  2. What a really cute and fun idea. Don't you just love Dollar Tree? These are so easy, too. Love it!

  3. Hello Lauren! It's so nice to add something to freshen up a space! We're over fall here, and into winter. We don't observe holidays, but it is the seasons we love. My daughter took the crocheted snowflakes I had made and has strung them up in her window. I will be making some more soon.
    Praying you have a lovely day!

  4. This looks great! I love dollar store crafts!

  5. P.S. I'm also a fan of Dollar Tree. So glad we have them up here too!

  6. Those are as cute as cute can be, Lauren. Happy crafting! xo Diana

  7. Oh my goodness! It is so good to see a posting from YOU!
    You are one creative lady, just lovely.

    Take care ♡

  8. Oh, how cute! It was so nice to see a post from you in our inbox today! I thought of you the other day and meant to drop you an email, then got distracted. I have missed you. I trust all is well with you, sweet friend!

  9. Those are adorable. I first thought you had used fabric wrapped around the wreath, which I guess would be an option. But I really like the idea of the wire ribbon. I haven't seen felt leaves in those smaller sizes at any of our dollar stores. Used to hang the larger ones from the ceiling of my libraries. And would exchange them for snowflakes, hearts, Easter eggs. Terrific craft!!

  10. These are absolutely adorable Lauren! Love me some Dollar Store! I hope you are enjoying your fall. :)

  11. That is so cleaver! I use command hooks a lot but have never thought of using them in this way. I have lots and lots of cabinets I could do this to. And, I'm a regular at our local Dollar Tree. Always find great items. Fun post!

  12. Such a fun and lovely decoration. I'm so enjoying the warm colors of autumn.

  13. Your Autumn wreaths are delightful, Lauren. You always have the most creative ideas. And your dog's skunk costume made me laugh. That is too cute haha.

    Wishing you sweet November days.



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