Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ladybug Rock Crossing

The theme for my porch this summer is . . . ladybugs!  Have you gotten into the 'painted rock' craze yet?  This was my first time and let me tell you . . . it's FUN!

Here's what you'll need:
Rocks (of course)
Acrylic paint (Red, black and white)
A fine tipped brush (I use a #4 round)
Pencil w/soft eraser
Clear acrylic sealer

I had a bunch of these smooth, river rocks but you can find these just about anywhere.  I'd suggest looking at discount stores like Big Lots (that's where I got mine) rather than landscaping stores where they are more expensive.  
Begin by painting the black part then fill in with the red once the first color is dry.  (Hint:  The next time, I will spray each rock with a coat of white, flat primer.  I had to paint several coats of each color on some rocks that were darker.  I think if you prime them first with white, it will be easier.)

To create the spots, I tried different methods to get a nice, round dot.  If you have a SOFT pencil eraser, that would work.  Most of mine were too hard (Guess I don't use pencils that often anymore!).  I had this pen with 'stylus' end for a touchscreen laptop etc, that I don't use and it worked nicely. It left a round 'hole' in the center but I just filled it in with my brush and some paint.  You can experiment with other 'tools' to get the spots.

I just painted the white eyes freehand, then added the black center and a dot of white.  For the small and large dots I used a toothpick.  I made the 'antenna' dots just a bit larger to make them stand out from the outline 'wing dots'.  They all got a final spray of clear, matte acrylic sealer.

For the Ladybug Crossing sign, I just used scrap wood that I white washed and sanded.  I printed my words on computer paper and placed a piece of graphite paper underneath.  Trace the letters using a pen and then fill in with a fine-tipped brush.  (Hint:  Choose a relatively clean, simple font.  The more detailed it is, the harder it will be to paint.)

This sweet little ladybug family greets anyone who comes to my front porch.

I'm not sure what my next "rock" family will be but I know I will be doing more of these! A super simple, cheap and fun craft!


  1. Another adorable project Lauren. Wish I still had a garden though! Back in the day, I once painted a rock with 'Please turn me over' on one side and 'thank you' on the other. People got such a kick out of that.

  2. Hi Lauren wow i think this is amazing,your painting is perfect and what a cute idea,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  3. Oh my goodness!! They are absotuly adorable!!
    Even I could create something like that, great idea.
    I think you should do bumble bees next. :}

    Fun post ♡

  4. This is so darned cute, I just love it! Adorable as individuals, even cuter with the sign. I'm going to need to look through my rock stash and/or start finding some new flat ones! Thanks for a great idea.

  5. Oh Lauren, these are adorable! I have seen painted rocks before but not ladybugs. Easy and fun!!

  6. Love, love, LOVE!!! This is so cute, my friend, and the sign tops it off.

    Hugs to you!

  7. Ok, this is just SO cute! How very fun to have this to add to your garden plot!

  8. Your ladybugs look so pretty, Lauren! My mom, sister and I painted rocks years ago, and my one son and I did it with the kids last summer. I'll have to show you my Hello Kitty rock that my son painted for me!

  9. So cute for the garden. My daughter is totally into ladybugs!

  10. Oh, my word, Lauren! These are absolutely adorable!!!! I always love seeing what you have come up with, and you never disappoint! Thank you for sharing your precious gifts with us here. I always leave your blog feeling happy and encouraged. Sending love and hugs your way and praying for you!

  11. That has to be the cutest garden project I've ever seen Lauren. I adore your ladybird crossing and the way you gave step by step instructions with photos makes it so easy to follow too.

  12. Hopefully this comment will go through. I just love these painted lady bugs. I bet the trail of lady bugs in the garden looks delightful. They are very special to me.


  13. I LOVE IT! That is so cute.


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