Sunday, January 14, 2018

Multi-Season Yard Decor Signs

 All you need to create an ever-changeable set of yard art is some scrap wood and paint. You all know I LOVE finding ways to decorate that can be used for multiple seasons and holidays so here's one more for you!
Reclaimed fence boards are the base for this project but you could use any scrap wood you may have on hand. Old garden stakes create the base for these. I used a jigsaw to cut the heart shapes but you can certainly purchased unfinished shapes as well. This was my first time using my new jigsaw I got for Christmas. It's a bit scary but fun and I'm sure I'll be using it A LOT!
Once I painted the hearts I decided that they needed to be a bit more 'weathered' so I sanded them and added some dark wax to age them a little. You could of course just leave them as it if that's what you like.
Here they are after sanding and waxing.
Since I was using old fence boards, they already had the squared off edges at the top but you could recreate this with any scrap wood or even completely round the tops off too. I gave them a wash of white paint and then sanded them a bit as well to age them.
These garden stakes were some mighty hard and thick wood so I decided to drill the holes completely through them for the screws to go in.
Then with my trusty awl (man, I need some hand lotion!!) I make a hole through the stakes into the back of the board for the screw to go into.
One wood screw was enough to hold these tightly to the boards.  Everything got a coat of clear acrylic since these will be outside in the weather and I want them to last a long time.
Remember the idea is that these are multi-seasonal so I didn't want to permanently attach the hearts.  I just used a long nail but I may get the hooks that screw in and swap those out for the nails. I used the nails because that's just what I had on hand and they work fine.
I put my signs in my house number buckets in front of my home but you could put these directly into the ground and they'd be just as cute.
I think I'll really have to practice with my jigsaw to cut out shamrocks! But there are so many possibilities:  Eggs/Flowers for Easter/Spring; Flags for 4th of July; Pumpkins for fall; Ornaments for Christmas . . . and like I said, you can also just buy the wood cut outs.  So easy to add a festive touch to your yard or garden!

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  1. What fun! I love the idea that the hearts can be changed out for another holiday/celebration ... a candle or a cake for a birthday?!! Great idea!

  2. Another great idea! I'd definitely make this if we still lived in a house.

  3. I heart your versatile signs!

    P.S. I can relate to the dry hands. I'm constantly washing my hands, but don't always moisturize them afterwards.

  4. You make the neatest things! I am so impressed by your creativity and resourcefulness! It is always so pleasant to come and visit with you here. God bless you, my friend. :)

  5. Nice work, Lauren! A jigsaw for Christmas.... that is IMPRESSIVE!

  6. What a great idea, an interchangeable sign! How fun that you got a jigsaw for Christmas, looks like you will be having lots of fun with wood! Love the painted buckets too with your house numbers. Lots of great ideas in this post :) Hugs to you today!

  7. Another cute idea, Lauren! I love that the little stakes can have multiple uses. I'll look forward to seeing other seasonal decor thatb you cut out.

  8. You have wonderful creative ideas! This will be a fun addition to your home!

  9. What a lovely idea. These are so sweet :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.


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