Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love Is All Around

It's no secret that I LOVE and ADORE Valentine's Day.  Not for the commercialized aspect -- I just love the decorations and how it brightens one of the dreariest months of the year here in the Midwest.  I try to add little touches just about everywhere inside.
 I have many favorites but this vintage tray is definitely at the top of my "love" list.  I have little drawers here and there that I fill all year long with interesting little pieces.  The photo holder used to be the front of a mailbox slot at an old post office.  I knew right away it would make a great photo display -- wish I had picked up more!
 There are several spaces that I love to "dress up" for the holidays and one is this ledge in my living room.  These glass cherubs were all purchased at different times through out the years and at different places but I love how they all fit together.
This old ladder is another piece that gets "dressed up" often.  This year I added a garland of lights with pieces of tulle tied on.  It was one of those "mindless" projects where you sit and watch a movie and just keep tying and tying and tying.  It is a 50 light set and I used 5 spools of 7" wide tulle.  I bought the heart lights last year on clearance and love how they brighten that little basket on the floor.
Vintage valentine decorations are getting harder to come by at a reasonable price but I still try to pick up at least one candy box and some postcards each year to add to my collection.  Sheet music is another inexpensive way to add holiday touches.
 I didn't make this art originally for Valentine's Day, it's just one of my favorite hymns.  But I thought it a perfect fit for the holiday so I just attached the wooden heart with sticky tack.  Sadly, in a week I'll have to take all of this down but then it will be time to start decorating for Easter!  Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends!


  1. Hi Lauren,
    I enjoyed seeing all of your fun decor for the big day of LOVE! I'd love to get my hands on an old type writer one brings back so many memories of my father and all of his writings. My ladder is a favorite to decorate year 'round, too...I've had them in my decor since the 80's and love them used in so many ways. Hope that your hubby avoided surgery when he had his heart's quite an ordeal. At least my hubby's was...a quad bypass, valve replacement and a caratoid artery repair all at once!
    Wishing you a beautiful evening of LOVE!

  2. You sure have some charming Valentine's Day decor. Love it all, especially the salt and pepper shakers on the chippy shelf. Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.

  3. Sweet Lauren, I am in awe of your beautiful decorations for Valentine's Day! You are so talented :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspriation. Have a lovely Valentine's Day! Hugs to you.

  4. Happy Valentine's Weekend my sweet friend. Love all your pretty decorations. They certainly do make everything more festive.


  5. Beautiful Valentine decor!! I see we have some of the same Angle like cupids!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. These are fun ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day. I especially love the string of lights with the added tulle. I have been meaning to make on of those. Intended to do it for Christmas but never got to it! Love yours for Valentine's Day!

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