Saturday, March 29, 2014

Peeps Feeling Blue

 I'm not a fan of EATING peeps (shock!) but when I saw this cute idea on Mommy Savers, I knew I had to try it.
I already had the square vase so I picked up the marbles at the Dollar Tree and a bouquet of white flowers.  Now finding BLUE peep BUNNIES proved to be impossible (I know I'll see them EVERYWHERE in the coming weeks when I don't need them!) so I opted for the blue chicks.
I wasn't sure how they'd work but I have to say that I think their little "smooshed" beaks look kind of cute in a slightly creepy way.
To start I put a small glass in the center of the square vase and then filled in with the marbles.  The peeps went in next and then the flowers.  
I decided to attach a few of the chicks to skewers (MORE torture as if smooshing them into a square vase wasn't bad enough) and add them to the arrangement.
I'll just refill the water in the glass when needed.  I'm thinking that these will just harden up and I'll be able to store and reuse them next year.
There's nary a sign of spring in these parts yet except for a smattering of Robins who are no doubt shaking their beaks wondering if they misread the calendar.
Hopefully it will start to feel like spring soon . . .


  1. Your centerpiece is so adorable Lauren! It’s the perfect look for spring.

  2. I love the smooshed beaks. It makes them look kinda curious. Your piece is so cute. I'd probably eat them before they made it into the vase though. So, lets not work on a project like this together. lol

  3. Wow! You used real flowers, too...beautiful! I love the blue and I'm sure they will last forever! What a cute idea! I'll pin it my friend! Sweet hugs!

  4. Oh, how sweet and the little chick peeps do look cute smooshed up against the glass. The daisies are so pretty and really give a nice touch! You did a great job even if you did impale a few chicks. :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,

  5. This is soo cute!! We're finall supposed to get warmer temps tomorrow! :)

  6. They are just PEEPtastic! I actually like to eat them so now I am going to have to go out and get some! LOL.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my earlier post this week... just wanted to let you know the Josef figurine has finally made it to my site. (Just in case you were still interested....No purchase necessary! Just wanted you to have first dibs :)


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