Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shabby Apple for the Holidays

If you're like me, you're probably doing a lot of your Christmas shopping online.  I'd say last year I did 80% of mine online (Okay, bah-humbug but I hate crowds!).  If you're looking for a great online retailer, I highly recommend Shabby Apple.  Just look at the gorgeous dresses they have -- and in lots of styles that range from "Vintage-Look" to "Sophisticated" as well as Maternity.

They even feature something called "Style Tools" that helps you determine the style of dress that will look best on you.  They not only sell fabulous dresses but also jewelry and accessories, skirts, blouses, accessories for the home and kids' wear.
Look at these fantastic aprons!  Shabby Apple just introduced a line of retro aprons called Boysenberry Pie . . . oh my gosh are they ever cute!   And best of all, all domestic orders are FREE Shipping!  If you sign up for email notification, you also save 10%.

So tell me, do you shop online? How much of your total shopping will you do online and what are your favorite online shops?
Check back soon for a Shabby Apple Giveaway!  Happy 'no-crowd', 'no-hassle' shopping!


  1. I absolutely love their dresses! And it's fun to shop online! ♥

  2. oh, I wish I was more "on the ball" but I usually wait till the last minute!

  3. I do AT LEAST 80% of my shopping online. I just feel that going out in that holiday MADNESS takes away from the spirit of the holiday! If I have to go out, get knocked around, yelled at, my foot stepped on, and people cutting in front of me all the time, then I will be far too mad to rejoice!!
    Online shopping is the way to go!!
    Those dresses and aprons are awesome!!

  4. I love Shabby Apple. In fact, I'm having a Shabby Apple giveaway right now on my blog. Come on over!

  5. Oh I love that dress! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this.
    Thank you also for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments. I am glad you like the tree video!

  6. Online shopping is the best! I plan on doing as much as possible that way. I'm so flattered and grateful that you like my projects enough to bookmark them. Thanks so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Hi Lauren, thanks for the tip! I am doing a lot of my shopping online this year. You are not alone, I hate crowds too!


  8. LOVE the bodice detailing on that first dress especially! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Hi Lauren! Have a happy Thanksgiving. Yes, I do shop online for pretty much everything! I love it when things come to the door, in a hurry no lines and no hassle.


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