Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Removing Wallpaper Border

It's taking a very long time to convert our son's room into a study/guest room but we're making progress!  My husband got the ceiling painted and all of the trim painted white and then it was on to removing the border.  
The top layer came off fairly easily but left behind the pasted layer and reminded me that this was once our girls' room!  I made the stencils and painted that border when they were little girls and in love (well, they STILL love!) with Lion King . . . sniff, sniff.  
 At the hardware store they recommended "WP Chomp!" to remove this bottom layer and as you can see in the first picture -- it was fantastic!  (Plus . . . how great is that name!?)  It comes in larger sizes for wallpaper but this size was perfect for the border and we hardly used any of it.  
 Overseeing the renovation is our little chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Ava and her best girlfriend, Ande (who we were watching for a few weeks).  The walls will get their paint this weekend and then I get to do the fun part -- decorating!


  1. I've had a terrible time getting wallpaper and borders down so I sure hope they've come out with something that works! lol You'll enjoy your new room!

  2. No more wall paper at our house...but sure wish I would have known about that stuff "way back when..." :) And that picture of the dogs is sooo stinkin' cute!!! Can't wait to see it all decorated! Chat soon, Laurel

  3. I know what's it's like to remove wallpaper. I've had my share of removing it over the years. Your right the decorating will be so much fun :)


  4. I've never heard of this product. Thanks for letting us know. I hate removing wallpaper. Can't wait to see how you decorate!

  5. Looks like you've got some good supervision.

  6. Our first house had a ton of wallpaper and when I was done, I never wanted to wallpaper anything ever! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  7. Those puppies are the cutest! Your baby will probably sleep for a week when her friend leaves. I am so glad to hear something new has come along for wall paper remover....Lord, it sure use to be a struggle!


  8. I'll never forget the one time I decided to take down wallpaper in college- it was no fun!! Good luck finishing it up. Seems like you have some good helpers there. And thanks for the words of encouragement!


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