Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deck Decor - Give 'em the Boot!

I've never really decorated my deck/gazebo with a "plan" in mind but this year I do have one.  Here is my color palette inspired by the center fabric and . . . .
my red chandelier I made last year.  Red is one of my favorite colors and it is easy to combine with so many other colors.  My plan is to use these fabrics to make a pennant banner, table runner and other accessories.
I've seen a lot of cute ideas using children's boots for planters so when I saw these at the thrift for 2.00 -- I grabbed them.  I got the ceramic plant holder for free at a garage sale and sprayed it orange.
The hardest part of this project was putting drainage holes in the boots!  Why is it that when kids are WEARING them . . . they are full of holes in no time but when you WANT to put holes in them -- it's almost impossible!  I added a few basil plants to carry on the 'green, orange, red' theme and one of my wine cork plant markers
We're FINALLY enjoying warm, summer-like weather . . . I hope your summer is off to a great start!  Have a boot-iful day.  Sorry, couldn't resist.



  1. Sweet, really love your boot planters, great idea. Love red also, your chandelier is wonderful! Visiting from Knick of Time.

  2. Oh my! I love everything about this post. These are my colors on my sunporch too. That red chandy is a killer! And the little boots are boot-iful! Can't wait to see the banner!

  3. The touches of red will be perfect for your outdoor space! I love that pretty chandy...you're so smart!

  4. It's all fantastic, the boots, the fabric and that red chandy is to die for. It's going to be a great space.

  5. whimsical welly planters. Love them. How did you manage to get the holes in them? Hugs!

  6. Looks great and I love your new design! :)

  7. Looks great...the perfect spot for your basil :) Laurel


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