Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How to Age Clay Pots

I wanted to make some little gifts for the Sunday school teachers who serve with me and thought a little flower or plant would be perfect for Easter.  I found these lovely Viola plants at our local nursery and some cute little terra cotta pots at the dollar store (3/1.00).  The pots were way too "new" looking so I decided to 'age' them.

I didn't really have a plan so I just looked online at "old" clay pots and tried to duplicate some of the features.  I started with what I had on hand which was a tub of joint compound that will probably never been used for 'joints'!  By dabbing this on with a piece of towel, I thought this was a good start. I would think you could use things like spackle or other 'construction' compounds too.

After the joint compound dried, I mixed some green, white and dark brown paints sponging on in random places with another piece of towel to give them a dirty, mossy look.

Next I decided I wanted to 'mute' the colors so I used sandpaper to go over certain areas to blend it together.  

Here's the finished product!  Now, IF I were going to actually use these outside (and if I make bigger ones to use outside), I would seal these because the joint compound and paints would probably wash off after time.  

The pots are ready for their little flowers!

I love how these turned out . . . no two are the same.
The nice thing is . . . you can't mess these up! If you don't like the look, just go back with more white paint to lighten areas, more joint compound, more sanding . . .

To finish off the gifts, I added some green, shredded paper to a little bag, put the pot in and tied with a ribbon and this tag.  I'm including little boxes of chocolate too :)

I have to share these photos before I go.  Two days ago it was of course, Palm Sunday . . . and we got a record-breaking snowstorm!  This is what it looked like when we came out of church as my husband began cleaning off the car!

Those who know me, know that after March, I do NOT wear anything related to cold weather, including boots.  No. Matter. What.

Now . . . I took THIS picture TODAY . . . just two days later.

It's true what they say: If you don't like the weather in Chicago, just wait a day and it'll change!

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!


  1. Oh wow! What a difference two days made!

  2. Yikes to the April snowstorm! I must confess that I haven't put away my winter clothes or boots yet.

    Happy Easter!

  3. That's funny Lauren...they say the same thing about NC weather...LOL! I'm with you on the winter clothes/boots when it's supposed to be spring and I have found myself in the same situation. LOVE the little clay pots...very clever...they really do look like they've been around a while. May you enjoy the rest of Holy Week and your Resurrection Sunday!

  4. Hi Lauren,
    This weather we are having is pretty nutty!!! Just glad it is warming up now for Easter.
    Love these pots. They are really cute gifts. Happy Easter.

  5. The pots are adorable and your info on how to make them so cute came at a good time for me...I want to do several to add to a setting for my summer mantel...pots and green and flowers and etc....thanks for the info.

  6. These look terrific and I love how you made them ready for gifts with the tag. We had a little snow the other day but all gone now. Hope yours is!

  7. Lauren, I love your attitude--no concessions to winter after March! Your pots look great. I need to do that to a couple of mine.

  8. How darling the little pots turned out, Lauren. I'm sure the friends were thrilled with your thoughtfulness.
    Oh how sad about the snow! You're too funny about not wearing boots!
    Happy Easter!

  9. Your pots are amazing!
    I would think they are the real deal and I'm sure your recipients will as well, unless of course you share your secret with them. ;)
    How nice of you to give a gift to those who minister with you.
    You have a BIG heart!

    Look at that snow! This time of year I'm saying yuck!!
    I still have no back yard due to all the snow we still have. Sigh...

    Today I went out to lunch with one of my sister's and I was determined to wear my flats regardless of the weather. Needless to say...My feet were cold.

    Bless you~

  10. The pots are just adorable! Your talents never cease to amaze me! I meant to tell you that the photo of your husband reminds me of the actor, Donald Sutherland. Has he ever been told he looks like him? I instantly thought of him when I saw it the other day! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  11. Your clay pots turned out so nice - I'm sure your gifts were loved by the recipients. Reading your description of who you did it reminded me that I saw how to age a pot using yogurt when I was poking about on the internet. Haven't tried it, but it looked like fun. Slightly different result than yours though.

  12. Your little flowers pots turned out beautifully ... Don't they make a sweet present especially with the chocolates added ( ha Ha)..It's really a thoughtful gift. ..Sorry about your snow..It's been quite an unsettled year for old man Winter hasn't it !!!! Spring is just around the corner... Wishing you a Happy Easter... Hugs

  13. What a thoughtful gift for the Sunday school teachers. And the gift tags are so special and I love what they say. You really did a lot of work on these, and I'm sure they will be appreciated. You still have snow! It's always a treat to see this white wonder on friend's blogs. We are in full Spring now.

    Have a splendid week, Lauren.


  14. Great job on the flower pots. I wouldn't even think it was possible to age the pots but you just go for it and voila it turns out just right! Can't believe your weather photos. Of course I do like the second one the best! Beautiful shot of the butterfly!

  15. This is my first visit to your lovely blog and I'm glad I'm just in time for this tutorial. There is no time that makes me want to garden more than spring.

  16. Such pretty gifts but that snow looks awfully cold!!
    For us here in Waco, Texas...it's been rain. Almost 4inches yesterday and flooding!


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