Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cleaning Blinds - Quick and Easy!

Cleaning is not really my first activity choice on any given day.  And cleaning blinds . . . uggggg.  Hate it.  And as you can see . . . it's not something I do as often as I should.  Here you can see where I wiped away a spot of grime . . . yeah, they were bad.

I was looking on Pinterest (when I SHOULD have been doing something more productive) and saw this post from The Intentional Mom on cleaning blinds.  I decided to give it a try.  I tweaked a little bit by using Dawn in my water.  SO, all you need is a few old socks, some Dawn and a sink or bucket of hot, soapy water.

Wet your cleaning sock puppet in the water, add a tiny drop of Dawn and squeeze to distribute (You don't want your sock TOO soapy . . . just a tiny bit to help remove grime.)

You can clean the top and bottom all at once.  I started with the blinds straight open to easily clean both sides.  Depending on how dirty the blinds are, you can do a section, go rinse your sock puppet and begin fresh.

EEEEEW!  This was after about 1/3 of a blind!  Just take the sock, rinse, add some Dawn to clean it and start again with the same sock.

Once you've cleaned the whole blind, close it in one directions and go over it with a clean, rinsed sock to pick up any stray gunk.  Close it in the other direction and do the same.

And if you have a cute puppy, of course let them have fun by trying to grab the socks while you're working.  

Does anyone do "spring cleaning" any more??  My mom did (and fall cleaning).  I remember her taking down all of the drapes, curtains, blinds and washing them all or replacing them with seasonal window treatments.  She washed the WALLS, BASEBOARDS, and scrubbed everything top to bottom.  She also ironed sheets.  I did not inherit this gene.

What's your favorite cleaning 'tip'?  


  1. Good idea! I use Tack Cloths to clean our Plantation Shutters and they are amazing. I also use them for baseboards, mouldings and such. Dust sticks to them unbeliveably. I do mine about 4x a year so they are only dusty, not dirty. I order them by the box off of Amazon.

  2. Hi Lauren, I love your sock puppet. What a great idea. I find Dawn to be a really good cleaner also. Like you...I do not like cleaning blinds. My mom used to do the same when I was a child. EVERYTHING, was removed and washed including the window panes. Happy cleaning!

  3. I read this with great interest - thank you! I don't have these types of blinds on our windows but our teeny little apartment kitchen has two doorways (why????) One we don't use and opted instead to put our dining room table in front of it. If we happen to have guest for dinner it overlooks the often messy aftermath of cooking in the kitchen, so we installed a patio door length blind that we can raise and lower as needed. Being so close to the kitchen of course it gets pretty grimy, so I will definitely be trying your tip.
    As for spring cleaning, I guess I inherited my mother's gene and often to a deep clean in January (she always said it started the new year off right). I shouldn't admit that I never wash the walls (but I do sometimes run the dust mop over them).

  4. Thanks for the tip! I can't even remember the last time I cleaned my blinds...

  5. Two of the worse cleaning jobs are blinds and baseboards. I am starting some Spring cleaning and have to do all my blinds too. This is a good tip and I am going to try it. Little Hudson is a good helper lol! Buddy will want to help with the sock part too. Happy Friday.

  6. What did we do before Dawn dish detergent came along? Great idea!

  7. You always share great tips, Lauren! I have plantation shutters, and don't like cleaning them. I bought a set of Campanelli wand dusters that I have found so helpful in reaching high places (ceiling fans, high vents, shutters, and cobwebs). I don't do spring cleaning either, but just try to keep up when needed.

  8. Spring and Fall cleaning, oh yes in deed!! Ha! I have to say that I'm one of those who do both cleanings and actually enjoy it. ;)
    With a wood burner stove it's almost impossible to let the cleaning slip by and, I have to clean from top to bottom as well, but I don't mind.
    With the smaller blinds,I found a simple way if cleaning years ago and it's awesome!
    I dunk them into a tub of hot soapy water, then hold them up against the wall and go over them with a soapy cloth on both sides then rinse with my hand held shower head. Keep holding while you dry them off with a small towel. Easy peasy, as my Stephanie would say. :-) if they are to too w of course that doesn't work too well. My larger ones are wood slats so I do them just as you shared, now that isn't one of my favorite jobs. :(

    I'm finally out in the yard working, but it's around snow banks that still remain. The snow this year is unbelievably slow in melting. Sigh...

    Have a beautiful day~

  9. It's not my fun day (cleaning) either but it's a great idea! I always have that solo sock who lost his friend. As for cleaning tips -- I'm definitely the wrong person to ask. My best would be "hire someone!"

  10. I love spring cleaning, and often do fall cleaning as well. It's good to have the extra places washed and freshened up. I'm not organized enough to do them through the year.
    I've never ironed sheets, but it's a nice thought. :)

  11. Fantastic cleaning! It feels so great to have those details done. Great use for old socks!

  12. Windows are among my least favorite things to clean so I appreciate the tip. A tip in return - put a little amount of hair conditioner in your soapy bucket when washing the floors, it adds a nice scent.

  13. Ha Ha Lauren ..What a super idea...I have heard that " Dawn" is good cleaner ... Yes it's time for Spring cleaning here too... so I might as well get at it... Thanks for the tips...Hugs

  14. LOVE that method of cleaning blinds, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing. We have reduced down to using only homemade cleaners now, except I do keep a container of comet for tough stains. Otherwise, I make our window cleaner and the only other cleaner we use is equal parts of dawn and vinegar. I keep a spray bottle of it in all 3 bathrooms and the kitchen. Another favorite cleaning thing is pumice stones. It works perfectly on toilets and keeps them shining and also on ceramic top stoves. I keep one of them in each bathroom and under the kitchen sink, too. It has all simplified the cleaning in our house enormously. I actually love to clean, and yes, I know I am very odd, but it just really is enjoyable to me! LOL! So thankful to visit with you today, and sending hugs your way!

  15. I use Dawn for so many things. It is also great before laundry if you have grease on something- spot treat and it takes it right out. When my kids were little I did all that heavy cleaning like that and while I love a clean house I don't do the walls and ceilings anymore. One of my friends does though-God bless her! lol Mini-blinds are the worst to clean, I think. We are in a rental right now until we decide what we are going to do...and mini-blinds abound! Will be using your sock puppet for sure!

    Have a great night- xo Diana

  16. Lauren, cleaning blinds is one of the worst chores for me. Dawn really does cut grease and grime. I use it sometimes. Your blinds must look really nice for Spring. I think I'll wait awhile longer to clean mine haha.


  17. Hahaa...loving the pup!
    Great idea...mine are screaming at me to give them a proper cleaning!


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