Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cloche & Make Your Own Nest

This cloche is part of my thrift store haul and cost me less than $1.00 to make.  The base of the cloche is just the clear, glass plate I got for 25 cents and the cloche itself was 75 cents.  I had everything else so you can see this was a CHEAP project!  I knew I wanted a little nest inside so I figured out a way to make one and while it was simple, it gives me a new appreciation for the way God has gifted birds in creating these marvels!
  After gathering small branches from the bushes, I put them in a piece of styrofoam and sprayed them Heirloom White.
 The base was just covered with sheet moss.  I cut up some sheet music and ran the strips through my crimper and then curled them around a large pencil.  Now for the little nest.  
I took a hunk of Spanish moss and wet it slightly.  I began forming it into a disk and then began adding watered down Elmer's glue as I worked and worked it into a bowl shape.  Once I did that, I pressed it down over this small jar and put a rubber band around it to hold it in it's shape.  After about an hour, I removed it from the jar and voila . . .
 A tiny nest.  I used hot glue to put some pearls in for the "eggs" and wedged the nest into the branches.
 After carefully fitting it all into the cloche, I set the cloche on the plate and added the music shreds.  Nothing is "permanent" in here because I may decide to keep it out year-round and change it up for different seasons.  I'll have more makeovers from my thrift hunt coming soon.

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  1. The pearls sure make pretty eggs. I love this and it's nice because you can take it apart at any time. I've been hesitating bringing out the boxes of Spring decor. I think I'm getting lazy! lol Hugs!

  2. That cloche was a great bargain, you made it look gorgeous. Love the nest.

  3. Merci de nous dévoiler vos petits secrets... Un très joli résultat.
    Gros bisous

  4. I love that nest idea. We have moss all over the place. I'm going to try that.

  5. This looks so sweet! Very creative! :)

  6. Now, this is one awesome DIY nest idea...LOVE IT!!!


  7. Love this and the pearls are just so pretty!


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