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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Fence Board Art

 I love using old fence boards for artwork.  I get them for free whenever I see someone taking down a fence, on Craigslist, on a curb . . . wherever I can!  I wanted something to put above my upcycled windows in my living room.  I started with painting one coat of chalk paint on the boards, then sanded lightly and painted on the words.
The words were printed out on paper and then taped together.  Using graphite paper, I transferred the script to the boards and then painted using black, acrylic paint.  Finally, I sanded the words lightly to distress a bit and finished with a coat of clear wax.  When using this technique, I have a few, simple TIPS:
1.  Invest in a good brush.  This one cost me about 10.00 and is a number 2 round brush.  It's perfect for lettering and fine detail. 

2.  Choose a simple font.  The one I love to use is called Abbeyline and was downloaded for free at 

3.  Water down your paint.  I keep a small jar of water on the table and each time I dip my brush in the water, then in the paint (which I pour out onto a piece of cardboard or plastic lid) and then lightly brush the excess paint onto the cardboard before heading to my project.  This was probably the most helpful tip -- you get nice, smooth, fine lines this way.


My favorite kind of project:  Free, simple, quick!


  1. I love these! I made a bunch of signs like this for my wedding and they turned out really cool, and, like you said: cheap.
    Rebekah @ Charming Imperfections


  2. T'animo a fer una ullada a aquest post veuras algunes idees realment interessants, que crec et poden inspirar i a faràs una passejada pels mercats de Nadal de Barelona. Desitjo que passis una bona estona.

  3. Love, love, love this project Lauren. They turned out great. Thanks for all the tips. I like making signs/art like these and your tips will come in really handy. Happy new week my friend.


  4. My favorite kind of project also! Love these and the thrifty price tag.

  5. Wonderful!! I love the placement over the windows. Perfect :)

  6. So cute! Have a Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining HSH!

  7. Merry Christmas Lauren! I love your project and the tip on thinning the paint.

  8. Stop by Fabulous Friday and share another amazing project!

  9. I've been wantng to try painting signs, etc and always think "I'll mess it up!" so I don't. Your tutorial and tips makes me think I can! :)

  10. PS. My daughter's bible verse memory work this month is Psalm 139.... I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It gave me some comfort that I really needed at this time of my life. And of course, it made me think of your blog. :)


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